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  1. Yes, most likely is cracked. It definitely shows on that black finish haha. These are pictures that my Mother had sent to me. I have a 6 string Dove purchased from my Grandmother at about the same time as the 12 string and I had to have that seam repaired on it.
  2. My grandmother had purchased it in the early 90s. It isn't in my possession at the moment to give any other info, I have to pick it up from my parents.
  3. Thank you. I will get better pics soon if anyone is interested
  4. Hello, I have a black custom 12 string Dove. Would anyone have any info on these 12 string models? Thanks!
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  6. My Dove has the Deluxe tuners and came with the Brown exterior and Pink exterior case . I will post pics soon
  7. Hello. First post! : ) In 1990 my Grandma purchased a Tobacco burst Dove and I was curious to how rare the finish is, it was recently handed down to me. Also she had purchased a 12 string Doves in flight but it's been so long since I've laid eyes on it, I believe it was Black. A guitar my uncle has in storage and I've never asked him about it even though he says it'll be handed down to me. Knda of a sentimental subject. But was curious since I just acquired the 6 string Dove Any info on these guitars would be much appreciated
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