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  2. OK I took the pick guard and pickups off here are more pics: https://imgur.com/a/G27i2Wp As you can see, nary a date in sight. That pick guard hadn't been removed in a WHILE though.
  3. It's hard to understand your meaning due to your exceptionally poor grammar.
  4. Thank you. I will pull the pick guard off and check the pots/pups and post pictures. Yeah - I think I might get it set up and just keep playing it as-is. It's old and beat up but it has a kind of magic to it all the same.
  5. Sweet. I really like those inlays with the arrow through them.
  6. Greetings. I was wondering if anybody could help me ID this Epiphone guitar that was gifted to me by a friend. I know it's older (I believe somebody gave it to my friend in the 70s/80s and it was already beat up / old at that time which leads my to believe it's one of the original 60s-ish Epiphones). I looked up the usual suspects like Wilshire, Coronet, etc., but I can't quite figure out what it is. Here's a gallery with images of it: https://imgur.com/a/hUE21r6 As you can see, it has the batwing headstock and "custom" on the truss rod cover. The inlays look like they were installed aftermarket. I don't even know what that tremolo is but it seems cheap. Where the paint has chipped off, the wood looks dark. I'm not sure if that means it's a dark wood or if somebody spray painted a stained wood. Tuners are clearly aftermarket. I can post more images if I missed something. Anyway, I like the way it plays and the pickups sound great. I'm tempted to put some money in to restoring it but I'd like to at least know what it is before I do that since it needs a lot of work. I might just take it down to my guitar tech and ask them what they think. Any info would be appreciated.
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