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  1. Thought about the 60's but I do not like sunburst colors, tea burst or whatever. I like solid or transparent color type finishes.
  2. Hello, I will buy either the Gibson Les Paul Classic or the Gibson 50's Les Paul new for both. I like the Classic because the neck is not too big, I like the pickups lots. What I dont like is the weight relief. The push pull pots I really dont need because I have single coil guitars. The 50's Les Paul I like because of the Gold Top, and the non weight relief and the non push pull pots and no pcb board. I dont like the pickups as much as I do on the Classic. The neck on the 50's is kinda thick, I have played both and I wonder with the 50's if my hand will
  3. Hello I bought a Epiphone Lucille. I want to upgrade the pickups. The stock ones arent bad but still have that dull and bassy sound to it that Epiphone pickups seem to have. I will play stuff like The Cure, Foo Fighters, Rush, Steely Dan. I will play Jazz and Blues too. I want a pickup that has good definition, string clarity, warm, and sustain and is good for cleans and gain, and some light high gain. Not metal gain. I will get a Les Paul for more high gain and super heavy distortion. Which would be better? The 490's or the 57 classics? I want to be able to play Jazz
  4. Hello I want to buy a Gibson Les Paul. I played a Tribute and it was ok. They are priced 1,199 dollars. I dont like the finish on it. I dont think they are worth it for the price new. I saw the studios but if I save up more money, I could get a Les Paul Classic for not much more. How are Epiphones? I dont really like Epiphone Les Pauls but is the Les Paul Custom any good? Worth 679 dollars? What are some opinions?
  5. Hello, Saw that they sell Gibson 335 studios for about 1,999 dollars. Are they worth it? Or is it better to buy a used regular 335 or save up for a new one?
  6. They have a return policy but now sure how it works for that. Oh ok, so you saw it too. Did you play it? So better to look for a mint one if I am going to pay 2400 dollars? Ok. I wonder if the store is willing to sell the guitar for 1800 dollars.
  7. I like it but I am worried that if any things need to be adjusted with the nut and or strings, intonation, that the bridge glued into place will cause problems. I dont know if the bridge is even aligned correctly.
  8. I want to buy a Gibson Chet Atkins country Gentleman. I found one at Sam Ash. It is 2,499.99 dollars. I has these changes and damages: tuning keys tightened too much and finish is cracked around the keys. The bigsby arm was changed from the flat bar type to the wire type. The truss rod cover with the Chet Atkins name has been changed to a blank cover. The bridge is glued to the body. Belt buckle rash on the back. Various damages and nicks. Ive seen the guitar in person. https://reverb.com/item/28664298-gibson-chet-atkins-country-gentleman Is this worth buying? Should
  9. Hello, I am trying to buy a Les Paul. The cheaper one I can get is the Les Paul 2018 Tribute. Its new so its still 1,199 dollars. But I do not like how light weight it is and it is kind of ugly without the binding. I do not like the feel of the neck but its on the cheaper end. I looked at the Les Paul Studio, new, but again no binding is making me think not to buy. Right now Guitar Center has the Epiphone Les Paul Pro III on sale for 299 dollar. I am temped but never really liked Epiphone Les Pauls. Used is not really a option right now. Which one of these is a good
  10. I will use mine more for rock than other stuff.
  11. Thanks, I like all of them, its which one to try first. The amp I have is at home, so cant try out the guitars with it before I buy.
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