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  1. So the varitone swith coil picks the pickups?
  2. None, my guitar is overseas. Its a Jazzmaster.
  3. I will use mine more for rock than other stuff.
  4. Thanks, I like all of them, its which one to try first. The amp I have is at home, so cant try out the guitars with it before I buy.
  5. Hello, Will changing out the switches, pots and pick ups in a Epi Lucille make a noticeable sound difference?
  6. Hello I have a Mesa Rec o veb 25. I want to buy a guitar. I am looking at the Gibson 50's Les Paul new model, the Les Paul Classic 2019 model, the new Les Paul Junior Double Cut, Epiphone Lucille, Fender Nashville Tele Deluxe. I am going to play music in the styles of The Cure, Foo Fighters, Sound Garden. I can buy one guitar, a Les Paul Classic 2019 and buy a 2nd guitar in couple of months, or buy a Les Paul Junior Double cut and the Epiphone Lucille or the Epiphone Lucille and the Fender Nashville Tele Deluxe or do credit stuff and get a Gibson 50's Les Paul and buy another guitar in a couple of months. Which combos or single would be best to get? Is it worth buying a Les Paul Classic 2019 with the circut board wiring and quick connect pickups? Please give opinions.
  7. Hello What’s the difference between the Les Paul Tribute and the Les Paul Studio Tribute?
  8. It looks like a small version of theGibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman
  9. I want to buy a Les Paul. I was thinking about the 2018 Tributes that are still around. Is this a good guitar or should I wait for the new 2019 Les Paul models coming out?
  10. Major Retailer, Didn’t check for glue on the fretboard. Played it some, it was good sounding. But didn’t check everywhere. So not worth buying?
  11. Are the 2018 Les Paul Tributes worth buying? I want to buy a Gibson Les Paul but don’t have lots of money. Looking the Tribute. Good guitar? How about the pickups? I am deciding between a Epiphone Lucille and the Tribute. I want both. Will play music type from The Cure to Sound Garden to Sade.
  12. Interested because only 1400 dollars But do t like the paint cracking and it’s new and the glue things.
  13. Hello I found a 335 for sale for 1400 dollars. Its new. Its the kind without neck binding, and has black body binding. Around the joint where the neck and body meet, the paint has aready cracked and there is a seam line. The dots on the fretboard have extra glue coming out on the edges. Are these bad signs of a not well made guitar? It sounds good when played.
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