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  1. Other than Guitar? Building AR-15 Rifles, 3 Gun Comp, UAV tech and BBQ
  2. How much is it selling for? please provide a link to the site its being sold on. I have a fantastic local luthier here that could put a real good fixing on it........would depend on the selling price of the guitar. a LP Custom for a few hundred, a couple hundred on repairs could end up being a KICK *** AXE. it being a 2006 there is no Historical value, however could end up being THAT ONE GUITAR......just my thought process! sometime with great risk comes great reward!
  3. i wunder if the OP has cashed his PRS Pay cheque yet?
  4. God Damn You Black Dog, Sitting at work and I cant stop Laughing......co-workers are looking at me but I DONT CARE! Great Effin Post Bro! if i could give you a +10 i would! Thanks for that!
  5. Hey Guys, Dont feed into this Asshat! Combine all the years from all of us here playing Gibson 2 and 1 piece backed guitars, you would think we know what were talking bout! Get the opinion ( no scratch that ) Knowledge of a guitar builder ( Rabs ) and still argue the FACT that good glue is alot stronger than un-glued wood. IMO <--------1 Piece is for appearance ONLY. EVERY guitar maker uses multi piece in the construction of the guitars. I wish some of these dip shits that complain about the cost of Gibson guitars would take into account the wage difference between the average USA work
  6. GIBSON!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE THE DAMN WEBSITE WITH THE NEW USA MODELS! Enough is Enough! Shame on you dangling cool S#1+ in front of us and then taking it away for months, were we bad? are we being Punished? what do you think your our Daddy? KNOCK IT OFF! and go!
  7. New amp, Traynor Dark Horse 15w head and 1-12 Cab.....switchable to 1w. Super cool practice amp. Scarlett sounds awesome thru this amp Love love love it!
  8. DAAAAMMMMMNNNNN! I love that Bourbon Burst. IMO one of the Classy Brown colors Gibson did. Welcome Paulo btw.
  9. Welcome to the forum Shaun B55!

  10. That’s super funny, I got 2 negative feedbacks for what I thought was good advice, and writing LOL to a comment that I thought was funny. Why did I get negative feedback? Because I didn’t check the date of the OG post? Negative feed back for honest advice about how to help someone......that’s so cool......lesson learned.....don’t offer any help or advice to anyone, just read and stay quiet......awesome forum! ........here goes ......are you ready? LOL
  11. Try Dark Moon Pickups in New York. Mark is super cool to deal with and he may be able to shed some light on how to get your guitar sounding the way you want it. remember you asked a question that is subjective to preference in a public forum, so you ARE going to get some answers that you may not like or that you can't use. don't take offence to someone that likes the sound of any guitar or gear....as stated before its subjective to taste. in closing at least give Mark at Dark Moon a call. Good Luck, hope it helps
  12. unless you are selling the guitar authenticity means nothing.....IMO, get the frets done and just have whoever is doing the work include a receipt with a description of the provided work, also have the work done by a luthier that has a business and than authenticity should remain intact. However to me the nibs need to be there on all my guitars, just my preference. I agree with the others, you would probably need to have the binding on the neck redone, when it comes time to have mine done I think I will be choosing that rout. Good Luck, I hope it all works out
  13. Nope, Not real Sorry, if you have already purchased it, hope you didn't pay too much for it! If the seller is claiming that it is, give'em a fresh back hand!
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