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  1. This is the model http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2016/USA/Les-Paul-Standard-Double-Cutaway-Limited.aspx
  2. "Modern Double Cut"(2017) and "Les Paul Double Cut"(made For Years) are different Guitars I currently Have a 2016 Les Paul Double Cut Standard Ltd ( Wine red ) Thank you for your reply too
  3. First Off, my career is in CNC, so understanding the increase of cost for doing a "1 Off' piece is, Yeah i know! However there wasn't even an opportunity to discuss cost. I was simply told "No". Then we have the BS that a Double Cut is a Gibson USA model and not a Custom Shop Model, GIBSON is GIBSON. Next we have something that you put in your post that is becoming more an more apparent "is A modern production facility can't just change direction at the drop of a hat." I didn't think that the CUSTOM shop was a Production facility, CUSTOM Shop is where you go to get the guitar that is NOT production. Lets say a 24 3/4 Scale Strat shaped body with a 5 degree set Explorer neck with matching headstock? I should be able to call the CUSTOM Shop to have that made. but alas we are not even talking about a shape that is not "GIBSON" we are talking about a guitar that HAS been produced in the CS before. ( based on my research, a photo of a CS # on a DC ) Gibson Custom Shop = Gibson Historic Re-Production Production Facility, Or Customish Shop, or Gibson "Not really Custom Shop" In Closing Please understand that I am still a GIBSON fan through and through, I will still buy the next Les Paul I fall in love with in my local music store. I own 8 Gibson Les Pauls and was in the market for a couple "True Custom" Pieces, Maybe 8 is enough! Maybe Gibson could start a new Division called Gibson "For Reals Custom Guitars" Shaun
  4. Tried to have Gibson Custom Shop make a Double Cut and I was told that they wouldn’t build it because the Double Cut is a Gibson USA model and that they are not making them at this time. So if someone can explain why I can’t get the Custom Shop to make me a “Custom” guitar that would be great Thanks
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