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  1. Yes it really does look similar. The biggest difference i spotted is the plastic hatch on the backside covering the potentiometers. This info gives me some hope it is not a fake, and yes, it plays very well and sounds good. Thank you for your efforts and for your time spent to help me. Regards!
  2. Ok. Thank you for your answer. I will se if i get some more answers.
  3. Hello all! I want help to identify this guitar i bought for almost nothing. I want to know if its authentic or a fake. I have searched for the serialnumber on the net, but i cant bond JI (the first to letters) to any factory. But i think it is a 1998 model. Can someone please help me identify it, and tell me if it's authentic? Here is the link to all pictures on the guitar. (Shared map on Onedrive) https://1drv.ms/f/s!AglYL7EKbZYZhoUqndH8eRo47eyVpg Regards from Nitzer.
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