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  2. Hey, I have a Gibson Sg that I'm currently setting up. I originally had it setup for high action for slide playing similar to Derek Trucks. I now want to just get it down to standard specs by Gibson. I changed the strings, checked the neck which I had to add a bit of relief to the truss rod. Next I checked the action as it was higher than normal. I brought the low E string high down to 1.98mm or rather just 2mm. Got it as close as I could. For the high e string the height was just above 2mm as well which is fairly high. The issue I'm having is that there's already fret buzz/rattle above the 12th fret, more above the 15th fret but can act up below that as well. So if I were to lower my action anymore then I would assume I'd get even more buzz/rattle. Also, if I bend just a whole tone it's pretty stiff and difficult. I have 10-46 on my sg. With 9's I break them too easily. Right now almost all the strings are just a hair or 2 above the back of the bridge. I had the high e and b strings really pressed against it, so I raised the saddle just a bit. Should I give the truss rod a 1/4 turn more of relief? Or is it more do do with the action/bridge? Thanks
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