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  2. So I’ve got this problem with my Gibson SG Special 70s T. It has a ringing on certain notes and ringing chords especially, sort of like feed back but sitting behind the chord if that makes any sense. It’s not feedback as it happens acoustically too. The strings do not touch the bridge other than sitting on the saddles like normal and it’s not ring from behind the bridge or but either... I’m a bit confused as to what it is! Hope any of this makes sense!
  3. So I have recently bought a Gibson SG Special 70s T, but I have a small issue with it... whenever I play full chords, particularly with a couple of open strings, it get a high pitched feedback sort of sound ‘behind’ the chord and as the chord does off it’s a bit more prominent before fading away with the chord. This is with a clean tone and it’s not feedback and fairly certain it’s not coming from behind the nut. Does anyone have any clue as to what this could be and what I can do to prevent this? It’s going to be a big issue when I use it to record! Thanks in advance
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