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  1. The trussrod cover is the same as a Les Paul Junior plain black with no white line around it. You can get a new one and age it a bit. Also the pickguard mount is like a Les Paul if i'm not mistaken, so you can get one set and get the screws. The metal bracket i think is different though, but if you just need the screw that goes into the body and the screw and nut that mounts the plastic pickguard to the bracket, then i think you'll be ok.
  2. I am running witchhats man. Those knobs were.......damn i don't know what to even call them.
  3. Haha! Too much sunshine i guess.
  4. Here are the photos. https://imgur.com/a/xyDQhvP
  5. This is what's inside. It's a 59 TCD? The bridge pickup cavity is original. The nitro is evident around the cavity.
  6. Hi there! I'm looking for a 1950s Gibson P-90 dog ear pickup as i am restoring a 1960 Gibson ES-125TCD. I already have one with black/black leads and I'm looking for another. Anyone got one available to sell? Even a soap bar would do as i can replace the baseplate. Cheers Tio
  7. That is how she looks now.
  8. Dear Jim, Thank you very much for your input! I look forward to receiving this guitar. I can't sleep at nights. I'm in the hunt for a late 50s to early 60s P-90, right now and a genuine pickguard. The pickup is a essential. I already have one but i want to get the second one. This is what i always do for my vintage guitars. In the end i'll get an original case, keys, and the correct pickguard and bridge just to have them in the guitar. The P-90s are of course going in the guitar. I was contemplating if this was indeed an ES-125 or any other model looking the same as it appears that the model number is very faint in the F hole on the actual guitar. I already acquired the correct trussrod.
  9. Hi! Following my previous post and some research concerning my newly bought ES-125TCD, I figured there is actually a number stamped in the guitar that the seller did not seem to find. The guitar is right now in transit but after checking the pickup shots he sent to me i spotted a number at the edge of one of the F-holes. Looks like a 32, and i'll be able to read the rest of that number when she's here. Concerning the date of manufacture it should be a 61 or earlier since the FON was used and there is no serial number on the headstock from 1941-1961. Am i right? What puzzles me though is the Gibson logo. To me it looks like it is silkscreened and not a sticker, but according to (http://www.guitarhq.com/gibson4.html#es125t) the TCD model came out only in 1960, whereas wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibson_ES-125) says that ES-125TCD (D = Double p90 pickups) versions available starting in 1956 and 1960, respectively. Still both dates do not match a silkscreened logo as they were only used between 1947-1954 according to the following info: Post-war block Gibson logo, Pearl or Gold. "Post-war" Gibson block logo used 1948-present. The post-war logo has the "G" and the "N" with a tail that drops below the other letters. Gold logo: silkscreened 1947-1954 Gold logo: decal 1954-present Pearl logo: open "b" and "o": 1948-1969 Pearl logo: "pantograph" style, closed "b" and "o": 1969-1984 Pearl logo: open "b" and "o": 1984-present Pearl logo: Dot on "i" connected to "G": 1948-1951 Pearl logo: Dot on "i" free from "G": 1951-present Does that look like a silkscreened logo which puts it before 1954 or is it a decal? https://imgur.com/a/xyDQhvP Click on the link to see the whole album. I'm pretty sure the P90s are japanese made and not Gibson as i've seen them before. I already have a late 50s to early 60s P90 and on the hunt for another to restore this beautty. A luthier can touch up the Jordan nonsense too i guess. Thanks in advance for your comments guys. Tio
  10. Hi guys! I got an ES-125 but i don't seem to find any number. The only thing found is this very faint stamp. Also the pickups don't seem original but i don't mind. Any ideas what year is this and what these P90s are? Thanks Tio
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  12. Hi there guys! I need your help. I stumbled upon this add locally and after emailing the guy i got a very good price but now it's time to start suspecting if it real or not. The first and last Gibson i ever had was a 2014 SG Standard so i don't know much about them. This ES-335 is claimed to be a 1974 that a mate of the seller had brought for him from the US, 19 years ago. There are a few things that i am trying to figure out that don't seem kinda right. The Gibson logo, open B and O, and the dot over the I supposedly till 1969. The volute as it seems to have a volute was during 1970 and on but no made in USA under the serial number. The position of the crown logo, and the shape of the logo looks strange and not too symmetrical. The orange label has "union made" which was used from 64 through 69. Onto the photos now. I hope someone can comment whether this is a real Gibson or not and what possible year it could have been manufactured. I know i'll have to remove the pickups and pots but will not drive 400 km to go see a fake. ;) Looking forward to your help guys. Thanks in advance. Tio
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