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  1. The trussrod cover is the same as a Les Paul Junior plain black with no white line around it. You can get a new one and age it a bit. Also the pickguard mount is like a Les Paul if i'm not mistaken, so you can get one set and get the screws. The metal bracket i think is different though, but if you just need the screw that goes into the body and the screw and nut that mounts the plastic pickguard to the bracket, then i think you'll be ok.
  2. I am running witchhats man. Those knobs were.......damn i don't know what to even call them.
  3. Haha! Too much sunshine i guess.
  4. Here are the photos. https://imgur.com/a/xyDQhvP
  5. This is what's inside. It's a 59 TCD? The bridge pickup cavity is original. The nitro is evident around the cavity.
  6. Hi there! I'm looking for a 1950s Gibson P-90 dog ear pickup as i am restoring a 1960 Gibson ES-125TCD. I already have one with black/black leads and I'm looking for another. Anyone got one available to sell? Even a soap bar would do as i can replace the baseplate. Cheers Tio
  7. That is how she looks now.
  8. Dear Jim, Thank you very much for your input! I look forward to receiving this guitar. I can't sleep at nights. I'm in the hunt for a late 50s to early 60s P-90, right now and a genuine pickguard. The pickup is a essential. I already have one but i want to get the second one. This is what i always do for my vintage guitars. In the end i'll get an original case, keys, and the correct pickguard and bridge just to have them in the guitar. The P-90s are of course going in the guitar. I was contemplating if this was indeed an ES-125 or any other model looking the same as it appears that t
  9. Hi! Following my previous post and some research concerning my newly bought ES-125TCD, I figured there is actually a number stamped in the guitar that the seller did not seem to find. The guitar is right now in transit but after checking the pickup shots he sent to me i spotted a number at the edge of one of the F-holes. Looks like a 32, and i'll be able to read the rest of that number when she's here. Concerning the date of manufacture it should be a 61 or earlier since the FON was used and there is no serial number on the headstock from 1941-1961. Am i right? What puzzles me t
  10. Hi guys! I got an ES-125 but i don't seem to find any number. The only thing found is this very faint stamp. Also the pickups don't seem original but i don't mind. Any ideas what year is this and what these P90s are? Thanks Tio
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  12. Hi there guys! I need your help. I stumbled upon this add locally and after emailing the guy i got a very good price but now it's time to start suspecting if it real or not. The first and last Gibson i ever had was a 2014 SG Standard so i don't know much about them. This ES-335 is claimed to be a 1974 that a mate of the seller had brought for him from the US, 19 years ago. There are a few things that i am trying to figure out that don't seem kinda right. The Gibson logo, open B and O, and the dot over the I supposedly till 1969. The volute as it seems to have a volute was during 1970 an
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