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  1. I certainly agree that the RD is under rated, mine is an 81 that I got new in 82 it also has the moog electronics, it used to be my main player until about 10 years ago I don't want it to get damaged, so my mim Jazz bass is my main player now.
  2. this should show you what I am talking about
  3. Has anyone seen the new 3 point bridges for the 2015 models? it appears to be a more substantial bridge, I wonder if we will be able to retrofit it on our existing instruments.
  4. rd_artist


    yeah the EB4 mudbucker had 4 coils, one around each pole piece, it would be interesting to hear what it sounded like.
  5. rd_artist


    what is really interesting is that whoever did the mods took the time to take out the EB4 humbucker for what appears to be a correct EB3 humbucker
  6. you know, I played a regular finish sg bass and a faded sg bass, I think I like the faded much better, it felt better in my hands and I liked the tone better, it's hard describe because the difference were subtle.
  7. I am looking for fireglo, my local Sam ash had one in Jetglo and one in natural, both nice but not what I am wanting, which is fine, it will take a few months to have my funds ready.
  8. I went to my local Sam Ash yesterday, I played a 2013 EB bass and a 2014 faded SG bass in fireburst, the EB bass is marked down to $699 and the SG bass is $749, I almost dipped into my Rickenbacker fund to buy one of them, I really liked the EB, it was light and had good tone but I am jonesing for a Ric, so I must be diligent.
  9. curse you for giving me GAS !!!!!!!
  10. you just can't look at it as being underwater or not. do you like it? then it was a good deal if you plan on playing it keep it and play the heck out of it.
  11. you guys would probably think I'm crazy, but I still have the same strings from the factory when I got my 50s tribute in December of 2010 and the guitar has been gigged once.
  12. did someone say Rd Artist? 1981 Rd artist
  13. a torti pick guard would look so good on that bass.
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