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    Hello all, new member but I have been using this site for research and info for a while. I have a 330 that I purchased from a co-worker at what I thought was a decent price ($700). It plays and sounds great and I am happy with it, just curious about what it may actually be. When I bought it, it was not miss-represented as anything other than a possible neck replace/repair mystery guitar from ~1968+. There is the stamp ES 330 TD stamp inside of it, no visible serial number on the headstock. The binding on the neck and headstock has a double pinstripe. I'm guessing some of the hardware is not original volume/tone knobs, possibly the bridge, the tuning peg overlaps the script ever so slightly...the finish on the body appears to be old and original and if the neck was replaced it was a good job. I will take better pictures later, if anything specific would help let me know. I was wondering if anyone could add some insight or their thoughts on this? Was that neck ever a option on a 330 or is it even a Gibson neck? Thanks!
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