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  1. Showing a good bit of wear,.....
  2. It's a Dillion,..... guess I shouldn't have posted that here.
  3. Very disrespectful! What was Sam Bass to do? Freak out on national tv?! You know he had to have that "just been narded" sick feeling in his belly watching that idiot!
  4. I'm picking up a Dillion P90 Gold Top. $285,.... like new.
  5. Hmmmm,..... a blue, QUILTED, oddly shaped SG. I like it!
  6. Come on fellas,........ it was only outside for a few minutes. That dang plant has drawn blood several times!
  7. Thanks for the welcome fellas! The Epi is my one and only,..... Parted with my Lake Placid Blue 60's classic to help fund this. Love the neck, super smooth and chunky! 12" fret board, HOLY CRAP! And to think, I really liked the 7.5" radius, this is going to take a bit to get used to. But, so far,....... I like it!
  8. Picked up a Epi' Slash Les Paul today. It kicks serious tail,..... why did I stick with Fender for sooooo long?!
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