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  1. Thanks for the reply Jazzman. The saddle fits snugggly - I've read you should be able to turn the guitar with the hole facing down without the strings on, and the saddle should not fall out of the slot. In fact, I replaced the original saddle that was quite loose fitting (and too low) with a new Tusq saddle. I think because the original saddle was so short, I didn't notice the lean so much. Now that it's taller, the lean is more noticeable. It plays well, has good intonation, and seems to stay in tune perfectly. I'll take your advice and not worry about. Ron
  2. I just received a "like new" AJ-220S. Seems like a great guitar for the money, however, the saddle leans backwards towards the pins more than I have seen on any other guitar. Is this the way the AJ-220S' bridge/saddle was designed? I would be more concerned if it leaned forward towards the fretboard, but it seems to be a good 10 degrees off of perpendicular. And the compensation at the top edge of the saddle makes it look like it is leaning even more.
  3. I've had my AJ-45 for a few months now, and it also arrived with the action set very low. It was about half the height of factory recommended settings. Great for fingerstyle, but sounded "jangly" when strummed even lightly. Replaced the saddle with a Tusq saddle (GraphTech PQ-9272-CO - requires some sanding) and set the action to the factory recommended specs. Sounds much better now. More volume, bass and generally cleaner. As for the pickguard, I read that they changed it beginning in 2016 so that it would not cover up so much of the rosette.
  4. I hope this won't be considered sacrilegious, but I recently replaced a standard 1-11/16" nut with a 1-3/4" nut on my new-to-me Epi Masterbuilt AJ-45ME. The nut that came on the guitar looked like bone that had "rotted" somewhat - kind of brown-ish in color, and with what appeared to be very minute hairline cracks all through it. Since I wanted to replace it for cosmetic reasons, I also decided to try an experiment. This is my first guitar with a 1-11/16" nut, and although I really like the guitar and neck itself, I have been having difficulty adjusting to the tighter fretting space. I started on a classical guitar (2"), added a 12-fret slot head (1-7/8"), and have been mostly playing a 000 guitar with a 1-3/4" nut. But this last 1/16" has been a challenge. Anyway, I am happy to report that it has worked out perfectly for my playing needs. I have a pretty vertical approach with my fretting hand, and I don't bend notes, so I haven't had any problems with strings slipping off the fret board. It still amazes me how small the margin of error is between a beautiful ringing string and one that gets muted by an adjacent fat finger. For the record, it is a Graphtech PQ-6234-00 Tusq nut, and it did take some sanding work to make it fit the AJ-45ME. Height was good, but it was much too thick, and a bit too long.
  5. I am a forever-beginner fingerpicker from CA and recently purchased my first guitar intended for learning how to strum. After trying to fingerpick a few soft carols at Christmas, I realized that the nieces and nephews would prefer to sing along with someone strumming their favorites than sit quietly and listen. So uncle Ron purchased a nice used Epiphone Masterbuilt "AJ-54ME" from GC. As part of my research for the purchase, I did some online searching for the rarely seen "AJ-54ME" and it led me to a post on this forum from a few years ago. Someone by the forum name BillyGibson owned this very guitar a few years, and I guess determined that it was just mislabeled at the factory. It's really an AJ-45ME. Anyway, the guitar now resides in CA, and if you know Billy, please thank him for taking such good care of the guitar. I'll give it a good home. Because I like to tinker with guitars, I'm looking forward to learning about what mods people might have done to their AJ-45MEs to make them their own. Also, if you know of any basic books with guitar songs and strumming patterns, that would be helpful. Songs like Blowing in the Wind, Puff the Magic Dragon would be a good place to star. I wish I could learn to play by listening, but I have found that I have to see it. Thanks for the forum.
  6. Hi BillyGibson, Thought you might like to know that your Epiphone AJ-54ME now lives in California. Did you polish the satin finish to create the glossier finish? Regards, Ron

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