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  1. The result...


    Talked to Gibson, sent @50 pics, the factory was able to authenticate and they are sending me a label.


    It's real, I'll have all the documentation to prove it is real, I'm keeping it.


    I'm glad that Gibson verified the guitar. GC wouldn't bring another to my local store without me spending another $2k (wouldn't be able to take this one back until the weekend).


    So everything is good...





  2. Hi everyone,


    I'm new here but not new to playing Gibby's.


    I bought a 335 Dot from Guitar Center and picked it up last night. After waiting 15 minutes to bring it out and unbox it, I looked for cosmetic flaws and chips not realizing that the label imsode the cavity wasn't there. No glue residue or darkend spot where the label should be.


    Anyone else ever have this happen? It was sold as new.



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