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    buying a J-200

    hey id like to thank you guys for the comments and help. the only store in my country broght some j-200. id like to hear from you guys some tips on how to chose one. they broght like 4 of them. how do i check a guitar like that? what exacly can i check in the store? how do i make sure its not defected? i also want to know. is that guitar good for recording in studio? i have a studio in my room and started to make music using cubase.
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  3. moti

    buying a J-200

    thank you guys for the help! i apologize for the spelling mistakes... (did i spell right apologize? haha) we have here a great guitar tech guy that all of the best guitarists in Israel goes to. if i order the guitar he can check and tell me if it sounds good and if everything is ok. if i buy from the store here in Israel theres no return, the second you leave the store you cant retun it and the tech guy wont agree to come and check it cause he knows the sellers. i lose the warrnty also if im buying from abroad... in order to use the warrnty ill need to ship it, and i dont like the idea of shipping a guitar, especily an acoustic one. i understand that everybody here loves more the sunburst, deluxe and vintage colors and sound than the standard antique, but why? can you explain more about the sound diffrence between them? too bad theres no comparison video in youtube... i really love the look of the standard antique and the gold montana aniversery one. but i prefer sound over beauty. i also want to know why they cost more than the antique standrd? is the matirial more expaensive? is it manufactured in another location?
  4. hey i heard this guitar 2 years ago and i cant forget how awsome it sounded... i never bought an acoustic in this price. i was about to buy Gibson J-15 two years ago, but now i have money for the J-200. i have some questions cause i don't really understand in acoustic guitars. 1. there are verious models in 2019. whats really the diffrence in sound between them? https://www.gibson.com/Guitars/Super-Jumbo i like the antique color more then the other colors. but i care about the sound more. 2. buying from ebay/amazon? in my country (Israel) theres only 1 store who sells gibson. i dont like this store at all and they dont have the j200 right now and god knows when they will. the best thing about it is that you can return it if you dont like it but how can i buy guitar like this without playing on it first? did you ever bought a guitar from abroad? whats the best guitar site with international shipping? please try to help thank you
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