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  1. I own Gibsons and Epiphones. I've had guitars made by both manufacturers that I have loved and those I have not liked much. But the biggest reason a Gibson ES 335 is nearly $3000 more than an Epiphone 335 is money: The average hourly rate for a Chinese guitar production worker is $3.50 or about $7,500 per year. The average hourly rate for a Gibson guitar production worker is $20 or about $41,000 per year. So it costs significantly more money for Gibson to produce a Gibson ES 335 than it costs Gibson to produce a Epiphone ES 335 Pro. The cost of production does not dictate the quality of the craftsmanship which you can see with your own eyes. The Chinese made Epiphones are very well made guitars. But they are made by workers who are paid 80% less than their American counterparts. So the final cost of the guitar is significantly less when made in China. Whether one sounds better than the other is partially subjective and partially due to different (but not necessarily better) components.
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