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  1. Hi all, I have a B Stock Epiphone Jack Casady bass that played really well for a couple of years. I had never had it professionally setup. Earlier this year, I noticed some fret buzz/strange rattling around the 7-9th frets on the G string. At the same time, I noticed that the screws around the pickup and pick-guard were a little loose, so I figured that something might be rattling because of those. I grabbed my electric screwdriver and tightened them all as far as they'd go. The result? My pickup went from its regular sunken position to bulging outwards, blocking all strings and making the instrument unplayable. The funny thing is that when I loosened the screws back to where they were, the pickup continue to protrude only on one side. One of the screws very quickly became stripped and wouldn't move at all. Has anyone had any experience with this? I'll probably end up taking it to a tech for a fix and tune-up, but I was wondering if there is some more obvious (and cost efficient) solution that I'm currently unaware of. Thanks for reading!
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  3. My thanks Jeff, this helps quite a bit and sets my mind at ease!
  4. Hi all! I've had an EJ200CE for about 3 years now, been playing it for about half an hour to an hour every day, no issues, love it. Never had it set up professionally, as I am an amateur player. I recently moved to Finland, the guitar was fine for the first 6 months or so and then I noticed that Frets 13-14 on the B and hi-E strings just produced a dead flat metal 'chink' sound when I tried to play them. I figured it might be the guitar's wood adjusting to the new conditions (dry air and a steady 22-24 Celsius in the house). I thought that I'd need to adjust the truss rod, but no matter how much I turned, the effect remained. Depending on truss adjustments, it sometimes got so bad that all frets from 9-14 started producing that annoying dead 'chink' sound. Any other ideas? Should I maybe be replacing the saddle bit on it? Thanks for the taking the time to read through this!
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