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  1. My thanks Jeff, this helps quite a bit and sets my mind at ease!
  2. Hi all! I've had an EJ200CE for about 3 years now, been playing it for about half an hour to an hour every day, no issues, love it. Never had it set up professionally, as I am an amateur player. I recently moved to Finland, the guitar was fine for the first 6 months or so and then I noticed that Frets 13-14 on the B and hi-E strings just produced a dead flat metal 'chink' sound when I tried to play them. I figured it might be the guitar's wood adjusting to the new conditions (dry air and a steady 22-24 Celsius in the house). I thought that I'd need to adjust the truss rod, but no matter how much I turned, the effect remained. Depending on truss adjustments, it sometimes got so bad that all frets from 9-14 started producing that annoying dead 'chink' sound. Any other ideas? Should I maybe be replacing the saddle bit on it? Thanks for the taking the time to read through this!
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