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  1. The two-footed base is easier to fit, but the solid base makes for better contact. Danny W.
  2. Here's the headstock of my '96 LeGrand N: It's what happens to the top coat over time. Danny W.
  3. I've had a few sunburst ES-355s, but all have had sunburst all over: 1983: 1994: 1994: Danny W.
  4. On some of my guitars I have felt under the pickup to level it parallel to the strings. Danny W.
  5. Although that stabilizes the pickguard, it can lift if you press on the end of the pickup, which raises the pickguard away from the felt block. Danny W.
  6. Mine don't flap, but they will move if you press on the pickup. If you find this a problem, wedge a felt block or felt strips between the pickup and the top. Danny W.
  7. It is a nice guitar, but that's a six-year old post. Danny W.
  8. I add a half point (at least) for it being a thinline. Pictures would be nice... Danny W.
  9. No, just the one in the front. I did have others with Varitones, but they are gone too: Danny W.
  10. I bought my first ES-355 in 1962--it had no Varitone, Over the years I've owned a number of others, some with and some without. I've found I always preferred to leave the knob at "1" on the ones that had it. Since Gibson has always made some of these without Varitone, it's not exactly a new phenomenon. All the ES-355s in this photo are 20 years old, but only one has it: Danny W.
  11. My 2011 Custom Shop WesMo does not have a number stamped on the headstock. Danny W.
  12. It's an ES-355 with an L-5S fretboard and headstock inlay made for me in the early '90's by Roger Giffin, who was Gibson's "Custom Shop West" builder. It's as nice as it looks. If I were to do it again today I'd put a Bigsby on it, but back then I wasn't a fan, so it has a replated Vibrola from the '60's. Today the guitar doesn't get much use because of its weight. I've posted pictures of quite a few in this forum. Danny W.
  13. I never need an excuse to post this: and this: Danny W.
  14. These are my favorite models too: Danny W.
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