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  1. Are these models no more? Nobody lists them anymore?
  2. I have no tuning issues with mine, either. I would assume you jumped to a thicker gauge string for the lower tuning? If so, it would think that nut work would be needed to work with these thicker strings? Just sayin'... Sounds like a nut issue.
  3. The Explorer has a little more "beef" to it, as it's a little heavier, with more wood. Of course, playing a V, & and Explorer, are very different, in terms of comfort, for obvious reasons. I've owned 2 Explorers, and 2 V's. Still own a Classic White V, with ebony board. Needless to say, I want another Explorer, but the V will NEVER be parted with. I've added Seymour Duncan pick-ups, a better Gotoh bridge, and customized pick-guard.. It's truly an amazing, aggressive sounding beast..
  4. Mine might be for sale.. Not sure I'm digging it as much anymore. The baked maple isn't really my thing.. We'll see.
  5. No matter what I apply to my LP Studio 50's Tribute, the fretboard remains dry, and somewhat abrasive feeling. I'm using what I would normally use on my Flying V's ebony, and/or others with rosewood. What gives? I understand that baked maple is essentially the removal of the moisture/drying process, but damn, I can't get any oils to absorb in it whatsoever. I'm using a Dunlop formula, is there something better recommended? It feels so dry, that I'm losing interest in playing it, anymore... I apply it, and POOF, it evaporates.
  6. Not sure where you're getting this information, as it's all incorrect. Pickguard is attached, and toggle switch is Switchcraft, U.S.A., which is pretty much as good as it gets, in terms of toggles. I'd be surprised if ANYBODY has any issues with the toggles.
  7. dsheppard


    Got my answer, can't delete......
  8. I have a honeyburst model on the way. I took the plunge, without trying one, & got a pretty sick deal on it. When I saw the P-90 models released, I thought, MAN, one with humbuckers would be nice.. Well, didn't realize they finally did it, and grabbed one! I've read review, after review, after review, of happy owners. I really haven't heard a bad thing about them.. So, I'm interested in what people here have to say. And, what's good for the fretboard, since it's actually "maple"? My typical rosewood/ebony conditioners aren't recommended for maple.. Is it safe to use on "baked" ma
  9. So, how do you clean/care for it? I have a LP Studio 50's humbucker on the way. Been told that lemon oil shouldn't be used on maple, and, technically, it IS maple..
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