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  1. Loved the classics. At 17 "Friday the 13th part 3 made me very uncomfortable". BTW.....Anyone who falls down while running away in terror deserves what they get!!!! Love the "Underworld" series. My all time favorite has to be "Aliens". Yes I consider that horror. Anyone else remember "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"? lol
  2. Years ago when everytime I'd play for somebody new, they'd want me to teach them how to play. Got to be a problem actually. I finally got to the point where I would tell them to go get a guitar and teach themselves to pick single notes acurately to their favorite songs then I would teach them.....Never got a taker. I figured that is how I learned....to pick to Kiss songs with no help from anyone. I learned chords from a book. At that point.....A friend tought me the more detailed tricks. I can only teach the way I learned. I have no patience to teach BTW. In fact......I HATE to teach. I just want to play!!!
  3. I didn't know Slim Jims were popular in Asian Countries:-"
  4. Why any guitar manufacturer would make cheap guitars and keep their logo on them. AT least Gibson has Epiphone. Ibanez/Jackson/Fender etc etc. You gotta be experienced in model numbers and country of origin to know the difference between a $200 guitar and a $2,000 guitar.
  5. A V can do it all!!! Rock on dude!!
  6. First Crue tune I learned to play was Piece of Your Action. Still love Mick's Playing!!! Saw them on the Girls Girls Girls Tour when they came to Portland. Nikki was slamming JD like it was water and even fell on his face...uh Bass. He got up and raised his hands and everybody cheered!!! lol Great concert!!!
  7. My vote would be a Phaser. Love the Solo as well. Love the entire album. Jake was great.
  8. I can tell your professionalism by the location of your feet!!! Protect them babies!!
  9. Are you sure? I always thought the Flying V was perfect
  10. I'm already lunking wood around trying to keep the house warm......
  11. Interesting post. As I was reading it with no problem, I found the content to be very accurate and I had to go hmmm. So it is something that definately makes you go hmmmmm.
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