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  1. Thanks. Also posted this question to the UMGF, got one similar response of "baking soda and rice". TJ Thompson also responded to an email and suggested using a brush, vacuuming out the mold, and eventually lightly misting some anti-mold mixture. Someone else suggested UV light, but I'm worried about the heat from the light doing damage to the hide glue joints. I especially liked the tip about taping over the markings--thanks again.
  2. A few months ago I acquired a '34 Jumbo from a well known dealer in an internet transaction that he had been consigned. Recently, I stuck my phone inside the soundhole to take pictures of the bracing. I was shocked to find a lot of mold. None of my other guitars have it, and I sequestered the guitar from my others, none of which have any issues. I've asked a few luthiers, including 2 with great experience in vintage guitars, but none experienced in mold. Help! What should I do? Brush it, vacuum out the easy stuff, wipe/spray various bleach solutions? And how about the case? Just sunlight? I actually don't see any evidence within the case yet, but I'm sure it's in there. Thanks in advance, Ty
  3. Hey Scott: Just asked you for feedback on the other "Four Guitars" thread on which guitars you liked and why, but see you've covered all the bases. A few thoughts, from someone in a more or less similar position. I played classical guitar many many years ago, then started playing bass again last spring when my old grad school band played for the 35th reunion, having not played since the 15th reunion. Just retired, and it was so much fun I started playing again...but like any bass player, I really have always wanted to be a guitar player. I've got a great teacher who I go to every few weeks, but am mostly learning from tabs and Youtube. I'm finding the biggest thing right now for me to do is to do some ear training for intervals, scales in various modes--especially as I've never used a pick before--and then ease my way into the various cool chords by simply copying tunes, with my teacher able to suggest which ones are appropriate for me to take on, as well as giving me the various needed course corrections when I start getting some bad (mostly picking) habits. What's your plan of attack on learning jazz? Any favorite source of teaching? And what tunes are you learning? Ty
  4. Hi Scott: Too much in common. I am in the exact same quest, just slightly younger and with fewer children, currently focusing on L-5s and looking at an ES-5 pre-Switchmaster. I'd love to hear your comments about which guitar pleases you most and why! The 335s are, of course, totemic, but there's a whole lot less posted on the other instruments. Cheers, Ty
  5. Hi all: my first post here, as I'm trying to learn how to navigate the forum. I'm looking to get smarter about vintage archtops, both acoustic and electric, with the hope of finding "the one". I am familiar with the main Gibson and Martin flattops, but know next to nothing about archtops. Outside of checking out the various vintage guitar shops, what are your suggestions for me? Looking forward to learning from all of you. Ty in VT
  6. Happy to be joining in on the forum and learning from all of you.

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