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  1. I’ve had this 1964 reissue for about 6 months and love it- but I noticed these weird marks forming on the pickup covers under the strings. Almost like corrosion or something- it cannot be wiped off with a rag. Something is happening to the metal covers. Has anyone seen this before, know what it is and if it can be removed?
  2. I can’t tell you the weight since it is in the shop having some intonation problems being dealt with ( separate topic) and I never weighed it yet. The store gave me a 1963 custom shop es335 as a loaner until I get mine back- it feels much lighter 7.6lbs. I never tried my es345 with a strap while standing when I bought it. I think I would have bought it anyways even if I did. It is a limited edition frost blue colour which I really like and this colour does not appear on any Es 335’s. I do like the tone variations with the varitone, although I don’t use it that much. I have a wide leather strap ( doesn’t help that much), maybe I’ll try adding some foam to the back of the strap when I get her back from the shop. I’ve seen videos of Freddie King playing an ES345 with a wide strap and it is slung around his right shoulder rather than his left- wonder why he does that.
  3. Hi I am new to the forum and Gibson guitars. I just bought the Memphis es345 with variable tone control- I love the guitar but find it very heavy and uncomfortable to wear. I didn’t actually weigh it yet ( it’s in the shop for a tune up at the moment) My Questions are: 1) How much extra weight does the variable tone control assembly add to the ES345 ? 2) Without criticism or judgment ( or bringing up the topic of resale) - hypothetically, could the internal variable tone control electronics be easily removed ( to save weight) without damaging the finish ? The dial would still be left intact on the surface for asthetic purposes. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Just bought the custom shop VOS 64 ES345 ( frost blue), equipped with the MHS pickups. Let me preface this by saying this is the first Gibson that I’ve ever owned ( I was mainly a strat guy). I’ve fallen in love with the ES345 and the tone of these pickups. I use it for jazz, blues and rock. They savagely scream or can be mellow and sweet. I have no more desire to even play my strats anymore.
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