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  1. I bought my 339 for what it is, not for what it isn’t (335). The 339 is unique in its own way that I love. If you really want a 335, then don’t settle for anything less.
  2. Just discovered this model yesterday, and was so impressed I bought it. I’m a jazz player (only clean)and this thing has a big, sweet punchy tone for such a little light (7.2lb) body. Easy to play, it’s the sound that I’ve been chasing with various other guitars-the center block gives nice sustain- I also have a big-box ES175D and have previously owned a brutally heavy ES345. The 339 is light and nimble easy to stand with, produces rich sounding harp- harmonics as well. The neck is wide enough so I can play closed voicings up at the 10th fret on the top 4 strings- which is much more difficult to do on the ES175D. I decided to replace the shiny chrome Grover ( kidney) tuners with their retro - vintage style in order the reduce all that shiny chrome bling.
  3. Well if it’s good enough for Steve Howe, then it’s good enough for me 😆 I know that Joe Pass, Pat Metheny, and lots other jazz guys played this as well, not that I’m looking for validation. this one is from the “Norland Era”, in which it is known the quality slipped a bit, particularly from ‘75-80, but I don’t care, I’m sure it will be great, it’s only had 2 previous owners in the last 46 years. I also like the yellow rather than reddish sunburst colour scheme, and yes it was a very good price.
  4. What are your opinions of this model and vintage ? I’m about to purchase it.
  5. Thanks everyone for your collective expertise - I really appreciate it. I’ve decided to return this “frankenguitar” for a full refund ( $2,200 CDN)
  6. Anybody other than me use their ES345 for mainly jazz ? ( not talking about blues, but JAZZ ) Yes I know lots use use the ES335 for jazz, but that’s not my question. If yes, do you ever use the variable tone control dial ? i think it works great for jazz, smooth or funk jazz as well. It’s just a bit heavy is the only thing (7.5 pounds and I use the widest most padded strap available)
  7. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0uWLu-TeMZ5EyONpLP5STeVYw https://share.icloud.com/photos/04mvdgplZDqHrwlGmup3YsQ9A I’ve just acquired this vintage Gibson, spruce top, ebony fingerboard and Grover tuning pegs, but it doesn’t have the parallelograms as fret markers, nor the emblem inlay in the head stock. Can anyone help me confirm the model. The vendor tells me it is from 1953. thankshttps://share.icloud.com/photos/0cn8Bb_BOIcXS7Q6f3VH7TUnAhttps://share.icloud.com/photos/0AKiHoBVQkQzRsMPAOknYfTxQ
  8. I’ve had this 1964 reissue for about 6 months and love it- but I noticed these weird marks forming on the pickup covers under the strings. Almost like corrosion or something- it cannot be wiped off with a rag. Something is happening to the metal covers. Has anyone seen this before, know what it is and if it can be removed?
  9. I can’t tell you the weight since it is in the shop having some intonation problems being dealt with ( separate topic) and I never weighed it yet. The store gave me a 1963 custom shop es335 as a loaner until I get mine back- it feels much lighter 7.6lbs. I never tried my es345 with a strap while standing when I bought it. I think I would have bought it anyways even if I did. It is a limited edition frost blue colour which I really like and this colour does not appear on any Es 335’s. I do like the tone variations with the varitone, although I don’t use it that much. I have a wide leather strap ( doesn’t help that much), maybe I’ll try adding some foam to the back of the strap when I get her back from the shop. I’ve seen videos of Freddie King playing an ES345 with a wide strap and it is slung around his right shoulder rather than his left- wonder why he does that.
  10. Hi I am new to the forum and Gibson guitars. I just bought the Memphis es345 with variable tone control- I love the guitar but find it very heavy and uncomfortable to wear. I didn’t actually weigh it yet ( it’s in the shop for a tune up at the moment) My Questions are: 1) How much extra weight does the variable tone control assembly add to the ES345 ? 2) Without criticism or judgment ( or bringing up the topic of resale) - hypothetically, could the internal variable tone control electronics be easily removed ( to save weight) without damaging the finish ? The dial would still be left intact on the surface for asthetic purposes. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Just bought the custom shop VOS 64 ES345 ( frost blue), equipped with the MHS pickups. Let me preface this by saying this is the first Gibson that I’ve ever owned ( I was mainly a strat guy). I’ve fallen in love with the ES345 and the tone of these pickups. I use it for jazz, blues and rock. They savagely scream or can be mellow and sweet. I have no more desire to even play my strats anymore.
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