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  1. IMO Gibson would have been cheaper priced. ESP just got greedy and thought they would test the market to see if people would pay those prices. There are still some of the 100 unsold. They did the same thing with the Kirk Hammett Ouija they put out the same year. A Gibson Hetfield Signature explorer for around $2,000 would be nice. I would rather see something like his "Rusty" Gibson explorer though over just a Gibson explorer without a pickguard and EMG's.
  2. I like the KH V Gibson did but the pricetag is just way to high for what the guitar is. You can buy a used black Gibson Flying V, add some EMG pickups, some tape and relic it some and have the same guitar for $1000. I can see the KH V being higher priced than a Standard Gibson Flying V but not even close to what Gibson is asking. I think that's why there seems to be little intrest in the guitar. No one wants to pay that type of money for a guitar that is easily replicated for 1/3rd of the price Gibson is asking. I do hope that this brings Gibson and Hetfield back to the table though and hopefully they will do something unique and reasonably priced. I stil can't believe Gibson let the Iron Cross guitar get away.
  3. They are doing the '84 explorer thru Epiphone. Why not a USA Gibson '84 Explorer model in white, black and natural? I know so many that have been waiting for Gibson to do these and want them.
  4. Since 2004 the regular Les Paul Customs have been made in the same Custom Shop, with the same craftsmanship and by the same workers as the Les Paul Reissue Customs. Don't let personal perference differences or the lack of the word "Reissue" make you think you have a lesser guitar. Things like pickups, caps, etc.. are all personal preference items that if chosen are cheap and easily replaced. Your guitar is just as much a Custom Shop Gibson as any Custom Shop Reissue or any other Custom Shop Gibson. All Gibson Custom Shop guitars use the highest quality woods.
  5. Gibson announced it at this years NAMM. They are doing a limited amount (150) of Kirk Hammetts reliced Flying V. Of course the prices are insane. 50 will be signed, hand reliced and personally played by Kirk. Those will be around $10K. 100 will be hand reliced and those wil be around $5K-$5500. Maybe this will jump start another go with James. Hopefully if they do a Hetfield sig. it won't be so limited and so expensive though. Maybe something more in the Slash price ranges would be nice.
  6. I wonder if Gibson and Hetfield will give it another go now that Gibson is doing the Kirk Hammett Flying V Signature guitar this year?
  7. Pretty obvious the guitar did not leave the factory like that. The wood shrunk slightly leaving the fret ends hanging over. The guy in the video even admits it looks like the fretboard shrunk some and then goes on to blame Gibson for bad QC. When working with wood this does happen from time to time on guitars. The funniest thing is you don't see it much because most dealers will send those guitars back to the manufacturer. The dealer who sold that guitar should have sent it back to Gibson instead he sells it to the guy, the guy takes it somewhere else to be fixed and this guy makes a video blaming Gibson for shoddy work. He then goes on to talk about the fretboard wood doesn't look like rosewood. Who told him it was rosewood? It's a Studio that was made last year so there is a very good chance it's not rosewood and probably obeche. IMO it looks way to dark to be rosewood and you would think the guy in the video would know that. I know Gibson has some issues as does all manufacturers but IMO this is not on Gibson. The guy making the video should be calling out the dealer that sold it and the silly guy that bought it that way, not Gibson. That's why guitars have warranties like almost everything else.
  8. Love Hetfields explorers and it would be so easy for Gibson to do.
  9. I would buy one for sure if they offered them in Pelham Blue.
  10. I love Hetfields Gibson Rusty V and Explorer. I've never seen him play the Rusty V live though in all the years he has had it. I wonder if it's just a thing where he doesn't really like it's tone?
  11. Seems like James is back to playing alot of Gibsons again here lately.
  12. True. Lars gets a bad rap but in reality he probably does more for fans than 90% of other artists do. Pretty much all of the guys in Metallica are pretty laid back and humble to be multi-millionaires. I've read several articles on Gibsons Lifestyle page concerning Metallica. Still surprises me they can't get something done with James after all of these years he has been playing Gibson guitars. Gibson brought out some '84 reissue explorers but made them Epiphones.
  13. James and Lars started the band together. I don't know what video you are referring to but Lars is a very likeable guy in real life. He's not quite as humble as Kirk and has a different personality but he's far from the asshole alot think he is.
  14. I don't think that would sell to well. Of course that doesn't seem to stop Gibson here lately. They seem to prefer releasing guitars that most don't want than what most do want.
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