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  1. I appreciate the suggestion, but I tried that originally, and it was also not that accurate.
  2. So, I have tried making a template. If I had a plate to work with, of course, I could easily trace it. So far, I tried by filling the cavity with foil, then dropped wax into it. What I ended up with was, to say the least uneven. is there any chance that someone on thIs forum might have the time to trace one from their SG, and upload it here?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I did reach out to that seller earlier in the week. It was actually him that informed me Gibson & Epiphone use different measurements. I did think of making my own, but the tricky part is the tracing - I don't have a cover to trace, just a cavity that needs a cover. Not sure I could successfully trace over the cavity without scratching/scuffing the back of the guitar.
  4. I just got my hands on one of these very recently - Alpine White. I am very happy with it. I did get it for a very good price, one of the reasons being that it was missing the back plate for the wiring. I've been trying to get my hands on one online. Apparently Gibson covers are not compatible, as they are measured in Imperial units, whereas Epiphone is Metric. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
  5. Hello everybody, I am new to this. I'm an amateur guitar player, but I have owned & traded a number of different guitars over the years. I always wanted something with P90s. Pleased to say I finally do - an Epiphone SG 1961 50th Anniversary guitar. So, I joined the forum in the hopes of learning from others. Looking forward to this!
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