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  1. I used to think manufacturers were wrong to offer such over priced products. But they are just taking advantage of market place that isn't logical. Its really on the customer base. Not that I endorse or think its a product that needs to exist for me. Demand gets filled by someone. I showed friend who is a non Guitar savvy person a new pristine Gibson and one of the aged beat to crap versions. And showed him the price difference. WTH? He didn't get it either. But some still do. I have come let the blame for the price premium directly on the consumer. If they didn't pay it it would not get made or sold. If it makes them happy I can still think they are crazy buying one.The manufacturer has their reasons and the customer has the desire and the cash. Two sides make a market
  2. I checked the ground a while back but forgot to get back on here to report it. The meter says its grounded input negative to bridge.. Maybe I'm used to my shielded project guitars with a copper tape cavity shield every where. Which started out on single coil Strats that really needed it. They are dead quiet compared to stock. Strats also have wire soldered to the Tremolo
  3. I set mine up like the manual calls for to show clearance on the 9th fret when pressing the 14th fret if my memory is correct. I think that is about the neck being in a known position since many don't have a neck straight edge. If its too high e to e I loosen the strings and try lowering the bridge. After all that I shoot for around .060 on the low E at the 12th fret and .040 to .050 on the high e at the 12th fret. I find decimal measurements easier to work with and more accurate. This has worked for me on anything that has a good neck and decent frets.
  4. I haven't had a chance to check it with a meter yet but I will! Does Gibson run a ground wire to the Bridge? I know some of the lower cost brands have a hit or miss ground system. Some have a wire placed to where the bridge post barrel just might make contact with the wire. I first learned about the importance of grounding and shielding on my cheap Strats.
  5. I have a 2018 SG Faded I got new recently on close out. It has a humm in it that goes away when I touch the bridge. Makes me think it isn't grounded well. Any thoughts on this? I am a bit spoiled on hum and feedback since my cheap fixer uppers I shielded them inside with copper tape and made sure of continuity of ground going to the shielding.
  6. I got 2 2018 SG's on close out and both seem ok on pots. Which is almost a surprise in that the QC sigh off shows they were both produced in the late summer of 2017 as 2018's. Somehow they both went unsold until the close out run in Feb of 2019. That is a long time for a guitar to sit in a box in a warehouse. Pots probably can get fussy sitting that long. I was really shocked to find they had been dormant waiting to be sold so long. They both also came for different dealers. Maybe Gibson sat on them that long before going to a dealer.
  7. I agree with you except one point. There may not be another one at the dealer to exchange. When they hit the "flush " button on the price cuts SG's went out the door. At that point of not getting another at the assumed close out price it might be worth fixing. If the guy didn't get a deal on it might be a good chance to bail. Rumor has it the early 2019's are on the gotta go list to make room for whatever new management has plans for in the new no year model world. Might be another round of close outs. 2019's were planned and produced under the old management plan. Cash flow and inventory is always a issue on new management and a new plan.
  8. I'm wondering if the HP line will survive the new head guy. I seemed to get the impression he is back to basics for a while until they get in the black. I just bought 2 close out 2018 SG's and the inspection form showed they both were produced late summer 2017 as 2018's. That means they sat unsold on some bodies inventory for a year and a half. How can any company produce and ship to dealers if inventory is sitting dead so long. One was a Cherry Standard and the other was a Bourbon Faded. Pretty standard stuff that should sell.
  9. I was actually referring to the newer version that looks like a molded composite with a Carbon Fiber appearance. I think they started in 2018. Some of the Strip and Flip dealers have them. I have not seen them for sale as a stand alone product anywhere.They seem to only come with the HP series. I have attached a photo of one of them.
  10. Is there or should there be a place on this or another Forum to warn others about Music, Guitar or Gibson products being listed or sold in a fraudulent or misleading manner? For example I bought a Gibson hard case listed as fitting a Les Paul or SG in great condition. As you may guess it fit a Les Paul but not a SG. It also was warped and would not close properly causing the handle side to pull away from the top latched.. I returned it and was given a refund, However the dealer put it right back up showing it fits both a LP and SG and listed it in "Great" condition. I have also seen some items for sale that were a little on the crazy side like a EMPTY Gibson cardboard shipping box for $750.00 plus shipping. Now I hope most us would not want to pay $750.00 for a empty box.. and I hope most people would see that for what it is. Some items are misleading or down right Fraud. On my local Craig's list there was a Gibson Les Paul "Replica" up for trade for a genuine Fender product. The "replica" was a Chinese made "Chibson". I tagged it as in violation of Craigs list guide lines but it just kept coming back.obviously none of us have time to see everything but if we see something shouldn't there be a place to advise others with the same interests?
  11. Those new SG HP cases sure do look nice. How are in person?
  12. Gotta give a big thumbs up to Musicians Friend on the Faded I bought. I placed the order late on the 25th and the next morning before it could even ship they show up on the Deal of the Day at $499.00 I called them and they gave me a credit from the days earlier price to the Deal of the Day price. No fuss no hassle its part of their price guarantee. I have a feeling new Gibson's at $499.00 may be hard to come by in the future. If JC gets Gibson running profitable and does away with year models then close outs will be harder to find. Not that I'm looking forward to no hot deals but where they want the brand to be cheap close outs is not ideal for them.
  13. I just ordered a new Gibson just for the wonderful sweet aroma of Tone... ahhh If Gibson offered a air freshener in the "Aroma of Tone" it would be in high demand and on Back Order at every retail outlet.
  14. I dropped the hammer on the 2018 Faded. Musicians Friend had them for $649.00 and still kick back 8% on the Back Stage program. There are a lot of used one's on the market at higher prices than that..
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