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    I use different brands for the purpose of guitars. For Acoustic I stick to Fender, for Acoustic/Electric I stick to Epiphone with slimline D necks, and for Electric I stick to Epiphone just I like the feel of each that help me with my skills.
  1. Not doing much with the music right now because I seem to have developed tarsal tunnel carpal tunnel for the feet so working on the getting that fixed so hope to be back soon.

  2. Just getting back into the game after health issues this year but I use different guitars brands for different purposes. Mostly use Fender for Acoustic, however discovered I liked the Epiphone for Acoustic Electric if it has a slimline D-neck which I can move around with greatly. Does anyone like this combo? Should say it was the Hummingbird Pro.
  3. Hi new today, I just got started playing again after some years because I had carpal tunnel, but got the surgery on both hands so I am back into music. Mostly I have been acoustic, but am looking into Electric and like the look and feel of Les Paul's guitars and I can play either right or left, I think the left cones from playing flute for so many years. If you got suggestions of good Les Paul's let me know.
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