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  1. Looks to old to be a ES-339 imho
  2. Ordered some Silica Gel Packs today

  3. Saw them meanwhile also on thomann.de for EUR 579, but their site says it'll take more 4-5 weeks. I guess it's the time Epiphone needs to ship them and get them through customs. Same happened to me with a PRO-1 which I ordered some months ago
  4. Yes, taking it out of the case, play, put it back. I was meanwhile a couple of times told that normal polishing won't harm within the rest of my lifetime. I only wanted to be sure before starting to do something what would over the time make it worth. I was maybe a little shocked. When I was young I bought my first Hohner Les Paul copy and had it for almost 20 years, without that it ever had shown that amount of corrosion. But that was in Germany, not in Brazil.
  5. I was afraid about polishing because I'd need to do that frequently and every polish will take off material, I think. For the fretboard, I use lemon oil at the moment. And I think you're right. I had the same discussion with a luthier from my home contries guitar shop and I'm thinking about to get me a new toggle switch with gold contacts when I'm back in europe for the next time. Cleaning the switch on ES guitars is not so easy because there's no cabinet like the Les Pauls have. I keep my guitar in a soft case overnights (other brand, but like the new one from Gibson), maybe I should stuff the free space of the case with rice or silicon bags? And I run my a/c 24/7 (25*C, 77*F), I think that should dehumify a little too?
  6. Oh wow, show us photos. I'd like to see the ES-330. I'm still dreaming about to by me one or an Epiphone Casino. Welcome!
  7. Hi fellow musicians, from my bedroom window I have a beautiful sight over the atlantic ocean. Sounds nice? Well, for my ES-339 PRO it seems not to be the most pleasant atmosphere. After a few weeks only, my frets start rusting heavily and the pickup toggle switch refuses to work. So what shall I do? Changing the toogle switch against one with golden contacts f.e? And what about the frets? Polishing them every 1-2 weeks maybe would take them off very quickly? Does anyone of you have same experiences with instruments in hot, salty air? Are there some cleaning products on the market, to protect my Epiphone from corrosion? I'm afraid about experimenting with products from the local DIY store, because I'm afraid to harm my guitar more than I'd help.
  8. Thank you all. For my budget I think I made a good choice. For those of you who don't know it: The Epiphone ES-339 PRO looks like a hot washed ES-335. It does not fit into the Les Paul Case, but has more or less it's body size. I chose it because after playing a really heavy Les Paul Copy in the past, and I didn't get younger, I wished to have something not so heavy. It further let me split coils, so it's pretty versatile. And since I anyway ever wanted to have a Alvin Lee, BB King style instrument ... voila! About the amp, out there on the internet, some people mentioned that a model amp should not at least deserve the Marshall label, but honestly for my use case it works pretty fine. Our condo has paper thin walls and because I don't want to stress my neighbours, I almost always only practice with headphones. I had not been playing for some years before, so gigging with it, is not what I expect to do very soon. I connected it to my computer via USB what gives me 2 very nice features. Firstable I can play along with Youtube videos via the same headphones and second I can instantly check out presets from websites to try them out. Very comfortable!! If I would want to, I could adjust preset parameters directly on a smartphone, but with countless existing presets on stock and internet I prefer to spend my time on practising instead of finding my signature tone right now. Everybody have a nice weekend
  9. Thank you for the welcome. Sure, will let you see the sweetheart my wife needs to share me with..
  10. Hi everybody, here I am, Epiphone ES-339 PRO Natural owner since Oct' 2018. Ten years ago, I emigrated from Europe to South America with only one of my guitars in the luggage. Unfortunatly I chose the one I never really liked, so I gave it away to my sister in law. No matter if I didn't play it for some time before, the next day I already regreted to be without any guitar for the first time since 1989. Well, but music gear is expensive here in Brazil, so I spend months on Youtube and on Websites to find the one affordable guitar which I would like to play most. In October then I went to Music Store in Cologne, played on several guitars and went out of the store with the mentioned ES-339. Back in Brazil in January I added a Marshall Code 25 to my rig. That's it ... finally playing again.
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