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  1. Back in 1977 I saw Ace Frehley with KISS and I've been playing guitar ever since. Consequently, my weapon of choice is a Les Paul, so it would stand to reason that at some point I'd get an Ace Frehley signature edition LP. However, each time one has been released, I've been facing some financial situation or expense that kept me from pulling the trigger. I've heard rumors that maybe Gibson would be teaming up with him to release a Black Beauty signature edition. I'm ready this time, if it happens. My question to the forum is... 1. Does anyone know if this will actually happen. 2. How do you keep on top of news? I'd like to order one right away and don't want to find out about it when it's too late. All the best. Bob 2.0
  2. Hi! I recently bought an Epi Blueshawk and although I'm a Gibson guy, I loved the flame maple top and bound neck on the Epi version, and the price was so good I couldn't pass it up. Now it's all I want to play! That P-90 sound is amazing. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the chrome tailpiece. Is there a chance you could compare your Gibson and Epi Hawks and tell me if the tailpieces are interchangeable? The brass would be beautiful against the red finish.
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