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  1. I have a 2010 Gibson USA Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute model in the attached pictures. It has the P90 pickups. Is the Tune-O-Matic bridge facing the wrong way? The adjustment screws are currently facing the tailpiece. Should they be facing the pickups? Also, all of the intonation wedges are currently facing one way. Should the wedges on the high three strings face one way, and the wedges on the three low strings the other? Finally, is it ok to raise the tail piece a little to keep the strings off the back edge of the bridge? Thanks for your help. image3.jpeg image2.jpeg
  2. The buzz is in the middle range of frets. I put a straight edge across the frets and the 8th fret top is about .037" off the bottom of the straight edge. So this means I should tighten the truss rod clockwise until the gap is only .012" - correct? Do you think the middle range buzz is caused by the current excess bow? I want to keep the action as low as possible. Do string types/brand make a difference? I was going to install Gibson Brite Wires 46-10 because that's what came with it from the factory. The guitar has the original p-90's. Thanks!
  3. I have a Gibson LP Studio with low E fret buzz around the middle of the fret board with 46-10 GHS Boomers. Any thoughts on best way to fix?
  4. Does anyone have any experience with Gibson audio 500 pots? I saw some good reviews. Any difference in experience of quality from CTS? Would they fit the epiphone holes and knobs? Thanks for the tech input. Good stuff.
  5. Thanks. I’ve only found old ads where they were already sold, but haven’t found any currently available. Interesting.
  6. Fred, Thanks. This one is actually an “AES” classic which I understand from Gibson customer service was the same.
  7. I have an acoustic only Epiphone EJ-200/VS made in Indonesia in 2008. It has an awesome deep sound. It’s now my favorite acoustic.
  8. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard made in Korea in 2004, and an Epiphone G400 Pro made in China in 2012. Both have volume pots that seem to jump from no volume to high volume too quickly but not much adjustment after the initial 30 degrees of rotation. Any ideas why and how to fix? They seem quirky. Should I replace the pots? If so, with what brand, type, ohms?
  9. I have a Gibson “AES Classic” acoustic electric made in Bozeman, MT in 1992 (in the attached picture) I can’t find one for sale anywhere, nor can I find much information about it. Can anyone tell me how rare it is to find one now, and anything about this model? Thanks
  10. My hummingbird artist has an extra harmonic sound in the high string that kinda stands out. Any ideas on cause?
  11. My Epiphone EJ-200 has a dead first fret high e that just sort of pings instead of ringing. The space between the first fret and the bottom of the string is less than .06 when holding the string down at the third fret. Is the nut slot too deep? Should I just fill it with a super glue and baking soda mix and recut the slot? Will it lessen the sustain?
  12. So I am thinking I’ll put the TFW P-90 set into the Epiphone Special to replace the factory Humbuckers to try it out. It has 500 pots. Should I use a .047uf-200v orange drop capacitor, a .047uf-400v orange drop capacitor, or something else like .022uf with the P-90’s? Thanks.
  13. Good stuff! Thanks for your help. If I change the volume pots to 500k Ohms, does it matter what brand/model and should I change the tone pots too?
  14. Good stuff! Thanks for your help. If I change the volume pots to 500k Ohms, does it matter what brand/model and should I change the tone pots too?
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