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  1. I want to upgrade to a “rest of my life” guitar. Until now I’ve had relatively inexpensive acoustic guitars. The Gibson J45 Standard was at the top of my list. But... I’ve now tried 2 and both of them exhibited a strange buzz. I guess I’d call it fret buzz but I’m honestly not even sure that’s what it is. I know what fret buzz is and this doesn’t sound exactly like that. Let me try to explain. On the J45 guitars I’ve tried if I play them fairly lightly and listen closely I can hear a buzz or rattle. It projects primarily from the sound hole, and it happens regardless of where I fret the guitar. However if I murder the strings and push down really hard, the buzz/rattle goes away. The thing is I don’t feel like I have a technique problem, I am using adequate pressure when I hear the buzz, and I don’t experience this kind of noise from my cheap $200-300 guitars. Anyone else experience anything like what I am describing with their J45 Standards? I love the look, feel and the sound of the guitar - except for this buzz/rattle. I can’t un-hear it or ignore it, and my hearing is very sensitive. But am I getting unlucky with the 2 I’ve tried or is this a problem that I’ll end up having with any/all of them.
  2. Hi, I'm am fairly novice when it comes to the Gibson Custom Shop guitar offerings and I'd love some advice. Other than a Gibson Les Paul Studio I've never owned a higher end guitar, but the idea of having that once in a lifetime heirloom instrument has always appealed to me. I'm at a point where I could pull the trigger on one, but I'm not sure if I should. I don't want to make an expensive mistake. That said here is the guitar that I've had my eye on. It's a Gibson Custom 1960 Les Paul reissue at Guitar Center. Here's the specific model I'm looking at: https://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Custom/1960-Les-Paul-Figured-Top-Reissue-Electric-Guitar-PG-129.gc Truth be told I don't know what questions I should even ask, as they say sometimes you don't know "what you don't know". So I'll ask very generally, is there anything I should know about this guitar before I purchase it? Any reason to avoid this model or look at other models instead? For that matter, does this offer much more over the new Gibson USA Les Paul Standard models that were show this year at Namm? Sorry for not having more specific questions, but I'm just starting the learning process and I'd appreciate anyone that can give me a little hand holding for my first few steps of the process.
  3. Hi I'm looking for a trusted guitar luthier in SW Florida, in the Naples/Ft Myers area. Please let me know if you can recommend someone around here, Thanks!
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. Today I tried putting on some heavier strings. I installed some D'addario EJ16 12 gauge strings. The guitar does sound better, but it's not perfect. I'm still getting that werid metallic resonant sound. I would describe it almost like a Sitar kind of overtone. I did notice that when I don't play any open strings, as in the case of an F Barre Chord, it sounds fine. Perhaps there is something wrong with the nut? Has anyone experienced what I'm talking about before? Thanks
  5. I got my new J45 Standard from Sweetwater and I’m not sure if I should be concerned about how it sounds. I didn’t have the luxury of going and playing and picking out a guitar, ordering one was my only option - so this is the first J45 I’ve heard in person but it doesn’t sound quite like what I’ve heard in videos I’ve watched. The guitar has nice tone overall but there is what I would describe as a higher pitched metallic ringing especially noticeable on the G B E strings while strumming open chords. The tone is a whole lot brighter, almost annoyingly, than I was expecting on the higher strings. It almost feel like I'm hearing a high pitched dog whistle like overtone when I strum those open strings. The guitar was setup at Sweetwater before leaving with DAddario EJ15 Phosphor Bronze extra lights. It's what I've been using on my Epiphone DR100 for a while and I've had no problems with those strings, but is it possible this guitar just doesn't like them? Could it be something else? Could the guitar just be a dud? The finish of the guitar is fantastic and the setup and playability is great. I’m just not sure why it sounds so bright, with this tinny or metallic ring, when all the review videos have it sounding very dark and mellow (which is what I’m after). What do you think, does this seem standard for the J45 Standard?
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