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  1. Everybody's Workin' For The Weekend- Loverboy
  2. My Hummingbird hangs on a Hercules mount on the wall. The mount is lag bolted into a stud. I seriously doubt that it is in danger. My Fender Catalina is in a case and stored precisely as discussed above. It has developed no problems that I can find. I will pay a bit closer attention, though. Living in Fairbanks, Alaska was hell on all my guitars.
  3. Interesting discussion. Since I only play Acoustic any more, I have a Korg that clips into my soundhole and is very discrete. Even other players don't notice it. The problem I have with it is that when I use it on my Hummingbird, the pick guard is thicker than others, and it tends to vibrate loose, since I play pretty loud. But I agree that the ones that fit on the headstock look strange, and distract from what listeners/gawkers should be focusing on. 🙂
  4. Back To The Bar Rooms - Merle Haggard
  5. Ginger Baker was one of a kind. When I was a professional drummer after I came home from Vietnam, he was my daily inspiration. There will never be another like him. Now I will go listen to him for a while. RIP sir!
  6. Take Your Drunken *** Home...Big Al Carson
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