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    L5 Pickups

    I called the man himself yesterday. He sells drop in replacements for L-5 hum buckers in either 6 or 12 pole versions. Black or Gold in color. I've used Kent's hand wound pickups on three different arch tops with amazing results. I've got a set of two on the way for my L5. Thx Eric
  2. Cincy2

    L5 Pickups

    I am looking at what upgrades are possible for a 2002 L5 CES I just purchased. The stock pickup is the Gibson 57 Humbucker. Has the sound available from Gibson HB's improved any over the past 17 years? Is it worth replacing them with the current Gibson version? I have Kent Armstrong hand wounds on my Comins. They really improved the treble thickness and clarity. Does KA make a HB that will be a drop in replacement for he Giibson L5 units? Thx Eric
  3. I just purchased a 2002 L5 CES. The guitar is truly mint. I will be the second owner. I don't believe it has ever been played. I purchased it to be a Player and not a Shower but there is one cosmetic issue that is driving me nuts.....the plating on the tail piece is worn or faded badly. I've read in some old posts over the Internet that Gibson will still sell you a new OEM tailpiece if you ask nice. Can anyone confirm this? Who do I need to ask? If I were a purist I wouldn't be complaining but I can't help myself. Any information available would be appreciated. Thx Cincy
  4. Cincy2


    Long time guitar player here. Classical, acoustic and jazz. When I started taking lessons Freshman year in High School (54 years ago!), my teacher had a blond L5 CES Gibson. I've always had in my mind that somewhere in my stable I would have to pick up one of these. I finally pulled the trigger today and have a blonde 2002 L5CES on the way. It appears to be in great condition. I expect I will have multiple questions. Looking forward to bonding with you guys. Gibson is an American icon. I'm hoping that their business rebounds. The rest of my guitars: 2015 Greenfield G1 - Spruce / Brazilian Rosewood Comins Orchestra Spruce / Maple 16 inch Archtop and now - 2002 Gibson L5 CES
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