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  1. I'm not a luthier and don't play one on TV... I've resorted to doing my own guitar set-up work due to several bad experiences with some of the local "luthiers". Drop in saddles are cheap and plentiful, and available in bone, Tusq, and other materials. Sanding the bottom flat to achieve a lowered action is the easiest way to go. If you buy one or two saddles you can try it out with one of them, and only be out the cost of the saddle if it gets messed up. For me, trying to match the shape of the top of an original saddle is harder and I've screwed up a couple trying to do it this way. Put your sandpaper on a flat surface and concentrate on holding the saddle square. After you get the height close to where you want, hold the saddle against a flat 90 degree edge, like a piece of wood or square stone, while you finish sand the bottom to the correct height. Take it slow and measure often.
  2. Very impressive work! I don't know what else to say, but I enjoyed it.
  3. I can tell you that your pic works in the second link, the first link requires a google sign-in. As far as my wisdom and knowledge, well it depends on who you ask... I'd guess, as you have, that the crack shouldn't go much further because of where it is and the direction it's pointing. If it was mine I'd run it by a trusted luthier to see if it should be stabilized somehow. Hope it gets no worse and you can enjoy that J-35 for a long time.
  4. Sounds like high humidity issues. I has a Songwriter that showed signs of too high humidity with everything you describe, except the bridge corner lifting. Since the bridge is now starting to come off I'd return it, either for another or refund.
  5. I like seeing pics of all those nice acoustics! Favorite Gibsons? It's hard to pick a favorite, but... I just got an L-00 last month, no pics yet... It's given me a whole new respect for small guitars. Not boxy or subdued and really a good acoustic to sing with. This is my last one, honest.... 😄 Now to make up for the lack of pics of the L-00. SJ-200 Western Classic, I bought it about a 6 months ago. The rosewood back/sides really gives this SJ a nice full sound. The J-29. I looked for one of these for a few months and found this NOS 2016 model on the net about 7 months ago. It's loud and proud, pretty much sounds like you'd think a rosewood J45 would.
  6. Congrats on your new HBird! The model year and serial number year codes sometimes don't match up with Gibson acoustics. Some of the guitars built later in the year have the following year stamped under the serial number. My 2017 Bird has a 2016 serial number (2017 is stamped under the serial number and Made In USA stamp). I believe 2016 was the only year that Gibson engraved the year on the TRC. Enjoy the new Bird, they are special guitars.
  7. I've been using Martin 80/20s on my Standard HBird, since switching from PBs last year. Haven't tried Retros on it, even though I do like them on several other mahogany backed guitars: D18, J-45. I'm happy with the sound of the Bird with 80/20s so haven't felt the urge to experiment further...
  8. That's a great picture! Thanks for posting it, and Thanks to JT for helping to keep their history alive.
  9. You shouldn't need to worry about the serial number being a year different. I have a couple of recent Gibson acoustics that have a serial number a year behind the model year, which is stamped in the headstock. (IE: 1xxx6xxx on a 2017 stamped guitar.) I haven't seen J45 Std tuners like the ones on yours, though I have seen them on Custom Shop models. The burst finish looks brighter than a standard J45 Vintage Sunburst finish. More like a Sunset Burst. Could be the lighting in your pics, but maybe you got an upgraded model from GC and because it had no label they sold it as a Standard. I'd run the serial number by Gibson and see what they have to say...
  10. Beautiful! I like an SJ with a burst.
  11. Congratulations on that beautiful SJ200!
  12. Looking at the pics your fretboard looks fine, just like the one on my 2018 J45. Just wood grain and pores. Enjoy your new guitar, a good J45 will make some nice music.
  13. Tough choice, I hope not to have to get to the point of only 2 acoustics. But if I have to... An SJ200 Western Classic and a D18 for me. 1 rosewood and 1 mahogany, should cover it.
  14. The J29 is probably the loudest acoustic guitar I've got. It's got a rich rosewood sound and just pumps out volume. I recently put Martin Marquis strings on it to tone it down some. Trying to sing over it would have the the neighbors calling the police. :D The biggest sound comes from the SJ200 Western Classic. You can really feel the sound being created by this guitar, in a good way.
  15. An SJ-200 would be a heck of a gift for anybody! Reverb has over 130 SJ-200s listed, both new and used. Good place to see what's out there and how much they cost. The internet big box stores include Guitar Center, Musicians Friend and Sweetwater, among others. They all have new ones listed, and MF has one "Open Box" Vintage model. Good luck in your search.
  16. My SJ200 has ramps in front of the pins, but I don't believe they're deep enough to allow the use of solid pins. I think it's more of a partial ramp to facilitate the strings going over the saddle at a better angle. I don't know enough about the taper of Gibson bridge pins to give any info on which ones would be correct. On Bob Colosi's web site he gives instructions on measuring the pins from your guitar and he'll figure the correct taper. Hope this helps a little anyways.
  17. I'm switching out the bone saddle on my SJ200 for one made out of bone. Hoping for a better sound.
  18. When I was a younger man Gibson guitars were the unattainable dream of someday. I got by with a Samick, and a Martin that I found on sale, for 20+ years. But now as a "gullible, oh-so-exploitable, pension-cashing baby boomer", I'm finally able to fulfill that dream of owning a Gibson acoustic guitar or two. I never realized I had to be exploited and gullible to get to this point in life, but I'm happy to be here... :)
  19. Sounds like a great way to spend the day, and you got to play a 1938 D45!! Awesome! Glad there were no unexpected problems with your J45.
  20. Congrats on that new guitar! The top wood is beautiful.
  21. Window shopping is a great time. The problem with sitting in a room full of Gibsons is staying focused on the mission. :D Have fun searching for your J45.
  22. I found my 2018 J-45 at a local Guitar Center in September last year. I had been looking for a couple months and played several that didn't do it for me. This one sounded exactly the way I thought a good J-45 should. It had some light play marks in front of the pickguard but, compared to a Southern Jumbo and a used AJ I played along with it, this one sounded the best to me. It was marked down pretty well too, so I bought it. Been happy with it since it came home with me. The 1.725" nut width is about as thin as I'd comfortably go.
  23. Thanks for the welcome guys!
  24. I just got an SJ-200 Western Classic that came with lights on it from the factory. I don't know if you'd want to go to ultra lights on a Super Jumbo. I'm just beginning experiments with strings for my SJ-200 too, my first change was to D'Addario 80/20s in light gauge. Sounds a little bright to me, so my next step will probably be some PBs or maybe Martin Monels. It has rosewood B/S and a baked Adirondack top. I wouldn't think going to a lighter string gauge would require a new setup, maybe just a tweak of the truss rod. Hope this helps some. Tom
  25. I can appreciate keeping spammers and other degenerates out of the area. I read about the most recent one disrupting things here, while I was lurking as an unregistered user. Everything seems to be working now. Thank you for the response. Tom
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