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  1. Oh make no mistake I found the right guitar. It just has the wrong pickups in it.
  2. Yes I think your right, its the custombuckers I dislike, the burstbuckers I despise. Thanks for that clarification
  3. I buy a guitar because I know what it it sounds like, will sound like, or can sound like. I'm able to do that and it has worked every time. I have a custom shop with burstbuckers that I could tell the guitar sounded good and the pickups were not to my liking. Stuck in a set of WCR's and people keep complimenting that guitar. I know someone that worked on the Sandy burst pickups. He said they were ****. Not one burst was alike and not one custom shop is either.
  4. Curious Ive had many Seth Lovers. What is the difference that you hear between these and Antiquities. Always wanted a set, never got around to it.
  5. Well anything I have ever done to my guitars to adjust to my ears, the comments have been. How do you get that sound? I have the same guitar and it doesnt sound like that.
  6. Thanks Pip I think thats actually an great idea. Back in the day I remember playing an LP some guy had and couldnt believe how the pickups sounded I asked the guy and he said they were 57 classics that sounded to me much more to a paf than any bbs Ive heard Thx
  7. But at the same time I do laugh at myself. Because truly I sound the same through every guitar lmao. Its my ear that chooses what I pleasure. So with that in mind, and your swapping out.............. What pickups? and What harnesses, has anyone had excellent experiences with.
  8. I can see the point of the originality and would have to agree. Iknow guys that if there are any disturbed solder joints, they dont want anything to do with it. They want an untouched all original guitar I get it. These days I have been going for guitars thats are keepers. slowly but surely. So Im not worried about the ones that I have swapped out. Although I keep them, I dont ever plan on selling the guitar. I supposed I have an oversensitive ear. I have sat in my studio with some colleagues and I tried to remove out the frequencies that I didnt like in the burst buckers. When I did the track sounded great. This is a personal preference. So ask yourself. How much is your guitar worth? Are you keeping it? Will you swap out the electronics and or pickups? To each their own. I have a historic with a boutique set of pafs. This guitar has never sounded this good ever. I would never take out this set of pickups in this guitar. It sounds magical. I have had close friends trying to convince me, dont change the pups. They are voiced for that guitar, and you should never change them. Then I let them hear in my recording what I hear. There response? I get it.
  9. This one is. clearly. I have played 3 real 59's. I know what I want. Its not that. They have a really fizzy top end that does not sound like the originals in this particular guitar as well as another Historic I own.
  10. Oh this ones needs new pickups burstbuckers are way too bright in this guitar and it will sound better with a darker set that I have
  11. Hey Randy, the more they rant the less they actually know. The more they spew, the more its a case of(the lights are on and nobody's home) someone is disrespectful to someone, Im gonna call them out 4 years in college and totally clueless Randy pay no attention to folks like that learn on your own and align yourself with positive people cause f nuts only talks
  12. To upgrade or not to upgrade on your custom shop guitars. Chime in. JTM
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