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  1. I completely agree. I'm also very eager to try the SG Moderns announced at NAMM in January. Interestingly, that same sales rep told me that Gibson told him that they were dropping the Modern line that they announced at NAMM.... so I don't know what to believe at this point. Will wait and see.
  2. Well, thank you all for the overwhelming consistent, hell no! I was told by the sales guy it was cosmetic and that they would never sell a guitar with a structural flaw... but it looks quite nasty. Thanks, again.
  3. Hi --- New around here. Looking to buy my first Gibson, an SG. There is an 2019 HP online at sweetwater that has "hairline crack in the neck seam and wood exposed on the top edge of the treble side cutaway." They're asking $1798. That's as cheap as I've seen. Still a fistful of cash for something with a damage... I don't really ind the cosmetic aspect, I can live with that. But is this a weak spot where I can expect more issue? Would you buy it? It's been up there at least a week... Thanks.
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