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  1. The serial number is 316940, which seems to be consistent with the year 1965 according to this link (and a couple others). No sign of a patch, but the letters "SJ" (from what I can make out) are stamped on the inside of the body. I've taken out the DSLR and put some detailed pictures in this Google Drive folder here. Do these shed any more light on its authenticity? Thanks again.
  2. That's a beautiful finish there, ksdaddy. I've seen a couple of 65s with the cherry finish online, like this one here on Reverb. Mine is pretty similar - although the light when I took the photos last night wasn't the most flattering. Good points, OldCowboy. I have a DSLR and will take some more detailed pics. I think the fake logo claim is what surprises me most. It looks perfectly normal to me - not even any evidence of a retouch. Thoughts?
  3. Howdy, I have a '65 Southern Jumbo that I bought from GC Hollywood (the "Vintage Room") back in 2013. It plays beautifully. As you'd expect from an instrument with such a long story, it has its idiosyncrasies, but man can it hold a note! I had a local musician/fellow acoustic enthusiast take a look at it last week and he's convinced it's a fake. He was most concerned by the logo (I can't see the problem), the truss rod cover and the bridge pin (which might be aftermarket, but I really don't see the significance). His guess was that the guitar is "most likely Indonesian". I'm completely stumped. I'm no expert, but the guitar seems consistent with the info I can find online. It also seems unlikely that such a reputable vintage dealer would pass it off as authentic if it wasn't. That being said, he has worked in some fine guitar stores in his time, and owned a number of quality instruments, so it's hard to disregard his judgement completely without some more qualified opinions. I've attached two pics - I tried to post more, but seem to be limited as I'm a new member (fair enough). For what it's worth, the serial number is 316490 (though I know these are easily replicated). Thanks so much for your help.
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