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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new around here. I wanted to ask for advice on an old Epiphone "6730" made in Japan that's having some truss rod issues. I've acquired this guitar a few months ago and converted it to play left handed. In the beginning I left the adjustable bridge that comes with it but flipped the plastic saddle. I think the guitar had a good action when I got it but after I changed strings and made a bone nut, the action started to bother me, making it hard to play. Yeah, I know, I have issues with intonation because of my conversion to lefty but I tried compensating the new bone bone saddle that I made a few days ago. The new bone saddle is 6mm thick, just like the slot, and I made it as low as possible to have low action. After I made this new saddle I put some new strings (0.12) and I was hoping I could lower the action a bit more, so I tried adjusting the truss rod. Turns out, it won't be tighten any further and the neck still has an up bow. The string action at the 12th fret is almost 6mm on the E string...very high! What can I do to straighten the neck and get a low action? My guitar has a bolt-on neck, could that be the problem? Maybe putting thinner strings could help?
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