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  1. I didn't say I got Davison fired **** wit, and yes I am a little rich kid, which means I have more than you even at 15 hahaha.
  2. hi I was not trolling, my dad got in touch with our lawyer and then j Davison of Gibson guitars and got the emplyee fired, I also received a 61 custom shop VOS sg for my trouble, I also own a 2017 Les Paul standard a 2018 sg standard and a 61 melody maker, not bad for snotty little kid for England, now I will get back to my 9th grade.
  3. I recently bought an sg std Vos custom shop serial number 070762 in faded white can't find what year or anything about it on the internet does anyone know if its real or fake
  4. hi, my name is James I am 15 years old I have been running around in circles for two-day trying to find someone to talk to at Gibson USA because I have a serious complaint to make against one of there employees. could someone please give me a name and email address of the grievance officer or someone at the Gibson guitar company USA I can talk to.
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