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  1. hi, i have bought epiphone SG std 2007 , do u have any recommendation for hardware upgrades 1. which tune-o-matic bridge will be direct fit ? ( i always prefer gotoh) 2. which grover locking tuners will be direct fit ? 3. do u find any reason to upgrade also the tailpiece? Thanks so much, Y.
  2. is this is the right size ? 1 Pickup Covers 50mm 1 Pickup Covers 52mm
  3. i don't have LP , but i believe you are good man although your comment was ugly.
  4. Guys , What do u think about this one , is it perfect fit to epi dot 2016 ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/GOTOH-GE103B-T-Guitar-Bridge-with-large-metric-posts/113219263317?var=413514582148
  5. don't u consider GOTOH as upgrade over the epiphone dot stock bridge ?
  6. 1.Gotoh GE103B - was perfect fit ? 2. is there any other advantage to use roller saddles? ( in tone ? )
  7. hi friends, i have amazing epi dot with bigsby installed. i have ordered grover locking tuners and also want to upgrade stock tune o matic bridge what is your recommendation do i need roller bridge cause i am using bigsby? can u please post some links for bridge the can fit 100% to epi dot 2016 Thanks so much! Yahli.
  8. Thanks mate, i liked the story :-)
  9. Thanks , good advice !
  10. no - i think it can be used as binding for F holes.
  11. i have an idea how to apply binding very easy to any epiphone guitar what do u think about this product https://www.amazon.com/Art-Supply-White-Markers-Medium/dp/B01NBNMJIR/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=PEN+OIL+BASED+MARKER&qid=1552945845&s=gateway&sr=8-4 does any one try it ? or i should be the first one to buy and use on guitar :-) Thanks, Yahli.
  12. strange why no one creating pickguards ready with "e" :-)
  13. Hi, where can i get Epiphone Dot White Pickguard (with e logo) i saw some for epiphone casino - can it be used also on Dot ? Thanks, Yahli.
  14. can u send me link of which SWITCHCRAFT switch you refer to ?
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