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  1. Hi All ! New member here, and i need help to identify my guitar. Last week i bought a secondhand epi dove model (non-electronics). After few days, i just realize my dove model isn't appear to be same as on the epiphone website [confused] First of all is, how come there's no screw hole for trussroad cover ? it shouldn't be QC passed. I saw white binding on the neck, but no binding at all on mine. However, the serial number is readable, 2014 made in Indonesia. I believe serial number can be easily faked and it's stamped serial number and model name, i think it should be printed instead stamped. and if you see the epiphone inlay on headstock, it's not centered. The back and side color should be cherry instead brown. By the way, the seller said pickguard was removed because it was scratched by a razor, weird. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks !
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