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  1. Hey guys. I came into possession of a 1965 (guessing) B25. Its in great shape and plays really well. Im having trouble finding out the specs for what gages of strings these guys typically use. Any help here?
  2. Thanks for all the great feedback. To answer some of the above questions, the Les Paul had Burstbuckers and the 33x both had MHS pickups. I always use the same amp at the guitar center for objective comparison. At home I play a Fender Supersonic and the amp I use at the GC is an Orange. In addition to the Les Paul, I have gotten great chimey cleans from this amp with strats and some PRS also. I went back and played the 33xs again, and it was the neck pickup on each that was overly bass heavy. It sounds like GC just messed up the pickup height in them. Both the 335 and the 339 are awesome but I am enjoying the 339 more. The new neck on the 2019 is especially awesome and noticeably different (and good for me) than the 335. So the 339 is in my shirt list.
  3. Doug, thanks for your reply as well. No offense taken, you can't offer to advise if you don't ask the good questions. In terms of 1/2: Yes, I am well familiar with the pickup selector switches and the volume / tone knobs. I experiment with them heavily when I am trying out new guitars. They are different than my stratocaster, but easy enough to figure out. So the session that led to this post I played 2 Les Pauls, 1 335 and 1 339. When switching between them I would try and play the same thing with all of the Volume/Tone knobs set equivalently. Both Les Pauls sounded great with the bass know (on the amp) set right in the middle and both the 335/339 needed the bass knob rolled all the way down. I have played 335s previously and don't recall this being an issue before. If it was one guitar that had this issue, I would write it off as a bad setup. But since both of the ES had the issue and the Les Pauls didn't, it made me question the reason. Could this be something in the setup? (pickup height, etc?) All of these Guitars were at Guitar Center (please don't flame me, there is nowhere else to go where I live) * See the setup question above. * Most of the Gibsons are in general in pretty rough shape at this store and it is very hard to find a good playing one most of the time there. "The 335 is the most useful guitar on the market and, given a halfway decent amp, you should be able to obtain any tone you want." * This seems to be what I am finding! * I might as well ask what you think about the 339? I think that the smaller package would be nice. :) Thanks guys!
  4. Hey Guys, I am narrowing down my first Gibson and really like the 339/335s. However, I have noticed that they are really bassy and it can be boomy and overpowering. On the amp that I have tested these on, I needed to dial the bass all the way down and it was still a bit too boomy. For comparison, the Les Pauls through the same amp sounded well balanced with the bass on the amp set to its midpoint. Is this normal for the ES guitars to be so bass heavy? I love everything else about them. How do you guys handle this? As a side question, why doesn't Gibson have anything about the 2019 ES 339s on its webpage? Thanks!!!
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