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  1. I have not played the guitars you are asking OP. But, I do believe reading other threads steering people away from the studio. I would go for the 2014 HB - BTW, I REALLY like the white pickguard. On another note, I believe you can take to a Gibson authorized service and they can get you an original pickguard from Gibson.
  2. My class is next month. I have taken motorcycles for short drives but never thought of these things.... I took the computer test this week to get my learner permit in case my bike gets here first and the pushing the handle bar thing was one of the questions... I will ask the instructor for sure.
  3. Question. When you get into a curve you press the handle bar to the side you want to turn and lean your body, how do you come back from leaning, is just the acceleration at the end of the curve that brings you back?
  4. I have the 1960 CS Fixed Bridge, it is one of the best guitars I have ever had. The other one of the best I have ever had, really on the same level as the HB 1960, is the Sheryl Crow - plays like the HB, sounds like the HB, sensational wood grade. I will only keep one, most likely the Sheryl just because since it already has electronics and her signature. I will probably put my HB up for sale to fund my new "hobbie"... it is really hard though to part from an AWESOME guitar.
  5. Hey guys, super excited. I will be joining the motorcylce world next month. I have taken a few motorcycles for a spin like 15 years ago, but never been serious about it. This week I signed up for the rider class and place an order for the bike - Indian Scout Sixty. How about you Gibson bikers, what are you riding?
  6. The main difference from the HB 1960 is the HB has the VOS treatment while the SC has the advanced scallop brace
  7. LOL... ok, how many of you have a musical skill like that?
  8. Come on guys, the guy is really good!
  9. I think the headstock is ugly 😞
  10. Thanks guys. I just realized it is actually her signature, not a printed/copy, on the label inside of the guitar.
  11. This is a very very VERY nice guitar! Plays very much like the HB, sounds amazing, gorgeous looking! I will get an A/B with the HB. I am very pleased, the only thing better would've been a personal delivery from Sheryl.
  12. Wow... all the stuff going on with our country and CNN focus on that?!?!?!? ðŸĪ” Interesting to know, I NEVER watch CNN - not missing much! I wish they were showing more of the horrible situation on our borders, amongst other things.
  13. Thank you. I wonder if I leave the HB and the Sheryl together in my cave alone if they would hookup and give some offsprings ðŸĪ“ðŸĪŠðŸ§ðŸĪ”
  14. Getting mine this week 🙂
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