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  1. Thanks everyone for the knowledge sharing...just took a picture of the label and updated reverb with it. It says: J-45 Vintage, Serial #, Custom Shop
  2. Thanks again. I got a digital caliper and measures just yours! Thank you so much for taking your time to do that!!!
  3. Do you think this is the same as the HB TV 2019 models?
  4. Hi, I am not sure if you are right or wrong. This is the same/exact guitar - https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/ACC37L866/J-45-Vintage
  5. Hey guys, I have this for sale on Reverb. Gibson J-45 Vintage 2019 https://reverb.com/item/29628410-gibson-j-45-true-vintage-2019 I will sell here for $3100 shipped and insured Payment via PayPal no fees (or you pay fees) or US Money Order No trades and selling to CONUS only. Thanks for looking.
  6. Thank you so much...
  7. Hi, does anyone know what is the string spacing for the HB? Thanks in advance
  8. Hello everyone, is there an area to list guitar for sale in this forum? Thanks in advance.
  9. The difference between the non-aged and the aged is on the thin finish package - the aged is about 40%-50% thinner than the Authentic not-aged model. The pre-worn (Aged) has its debates, as you are saying, that you can age yourself so why pay an extra $1500 for someone to do it for you, and I sued to think the same way...the truth is on the thinner finish... One of the reasons I absolutely love my Bird and J45 is because of the VOS which adds a lot of mojo to the tones coming out of them.
  10. AA = Authentic Aged. It mean it is an authentic replica of a 1937 D-28, with the aging/relic/wear... but it is actually a brand new guitar... key features of this guitar are: - Really really thin finish, thing of VOS on steroids - Hot hide glue - Red spruce VTS top (translates to the same as baked/torrefied) - Madagascar Rosewood back and sides - Hand scalloped forwards shifted bracing also baked/torrefied - And a lot of hand banging to create the looks of a 1937 guitar.... I actually like the mojo quite a bit.
  11. Well, today I received my D-28 '37 AA....really flipping awesome guitar... it is second by a hair line to my Hummingbird...
  12. Play-ability, and sound. My Hummingbird is hands down the best guitar I have...
  13. Wanted to share a guitar I bought...by the way the Hummingbird is still my favorite, but this is a close second... Just want to make sure not violating the forum rules... I don't see an area here for other instruments...
  14. Does it have the serial number engraved on the back of the headstock?
  15. What is good price to pay for one of these MINT? Thanks guys
  16. I had an "issue" with the A note buzzing. Posted here for help and was able to address the problem. At the same time I sent Gibson a message, they replied asking to take to an authorized repair center....I replied saying the nearest one was over an hour from me (which I actually called and never received a call back)...immediately they replied asking for my address and copy of the receipt. I sent to them, received an email within 24hours with a shipping label. That is what to expect when you spend money on a company and they CARE! Will I continue buying Gibsons? Heck yeah, they value me as a customer AFTER SALES! Note: I sent them a message sating I was not going to ship back the guitar, the issue was addressed. BUT I was really appreciative and impressed with the quality of their support!
  17. Thanks guys, thanks for supporting my newbie question!
  18. It happens only when fretted and going up the neck gets worse
  19. There is rattling sound coming from the A string, towards the bridge...you can notice throughout the video but specifically around 30sec https://photos.app.goo.gl/Fj1Wnr8qcECzBdcq5 Suggestions?
  20. Hey guys, do we get anything from Gibson after doing the online registration? i.e. Martin sends a card with your registration information, Taylor sends you magazine... anything form Gibson? Thanks
  21. Holy smokes batman, that is a lot of guitars...lol. Enjoy them in good health!!!
  22. Violeiro


    Really nice, congrats!!!
  23. Aha, called you attention...lol. Just wanted to share my opinion - AND I know there are many different likes, dislikes, brand fanboyism.... For me, they are both great on their own way. They do sound very different, play very different, look very different, and that is what makes them both great. However; I did have an enlightenment with Gibson. I have found that (IMO, FOR ME) fits more with what I am looking for in sound, and play-ability . Looks is a toss, I like the looks of both Gibson and Martins. Why do I feel this way? (1) I absolutely LOVE the short scale on the dreads (2) I absolutely HATE the 1 11/16" nut width (feel my fingers are cramped fretting the neck), really like the 1.75" on the new Martins, BUT found the sweet spot for me on the 1.725" of the Gibson I have. (3) I am really enjoying the "thump" sound of the Gibson To this date I have had numerous Martin, Taylor and now Gibson guitars. I can say my favorite guitar is my HB, followed by the J45 and then the Martin D-28 (I have had two D-28s and one HD-28). At the end of the day, both Gibson and Martin make fantastic guitars - comparing them to each other is apples to oranges; it boils down to what plays better on one's hands and sound's better on one's ears. Taylor makes great guitars too, but I don't feel their sound appealing to me. Again, personal feeling!
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