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  1. 17 hours ago, Guille-ToneRite said:


    LOLZ sorry!! that was supposed to be the response to the comment about attaching an electric sander to the guitar. This one: "If you have an electric sander you can put a towel down on the top of the guitar and turn it on while moving around the guitar. " That's why I was calling it an experiment. Still, apologies for the confusion. 

    Now if I may... can I understand why the comment about not being a fan before? I would truly love to understand what led you to that conclusion. I totally get not liking us (it's your right!) but I would like to take a second here to say that it feels like there's a lot of hate out there for our products. If you tried our products and they didn't work for you I'd like to extend our apologies if for any reason you felt it didn't bring results for you. I hope you contacted us to get your money back; It is our guarantee after all. If you didn't, please let me know and I will honor that today even if you're past the time.  things happen, I get it - we are also human over on this side of the computer and we can create solutions for our customers. 

    The part I don't really get (and please understand I am not saying this is your case) is some people bad-mouthing a product they have never interacted with. I wish we could all first give everyone and every company the benefit of the doubt before sharing negative opinions about things we haven't tried or experienced first-hand.  Again friend, this is not directed to you, I am simply sharing my personal thoughts on this overall.  

    I would love to end this comment by saying thank you for interacting with me on this. You didn't have to spend your time answering yet you did and I am greatly thankful you did and allowed met to correct my mistake when picking comments to quote. When I set out to join this forum, the sole intention was to help answer questions to ToneRite owners and people that were maybe interested or simply had ideas to share. But maybe my presence here is becoming an obstacle to our American freedom of sharing negative comments. Please let me know if that is the case and I will gladly move along. No hard feelings everyone. 

    Warm regards and happy holidays. 





    I understand what you are saying. I thought your comment was directed to my comment (since that what you quoted) about simply playing the guitar vs using the product - I got that mostly from the comment you made, and I quote - "But apples to apples, I truly doubt a 5-minute treatment would compare to our recommended 2-week nonstop initial treatment with different intensity combinations."

    I have no experience with the product, and honestly no really interest in trying - hence the reason I said I am not a fan. I don't have anything negative to say about the product, and I hope you are very successful. I have read people giving good reviews, and that is great. Also, all guitars I have (without exception) have baked tops...so....

    Thanks for taking your time to reply and explain the context of your comment, really appreciate it. Good luck again!



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  2. On 12/13/2019 at 1:01 PM, Guille-ToneRite said:


    If you find this to be safe you should try and let us know your results! I personally think it would be a great experiment 🙂

    But apples to apples, I truly doubt a 5-minute treatment would compare to our recommended 2-week nonstop initial treatment with different intensity combinations.

    But again... I'd love to hear about your results. Keep us posted!!

    - your friends @ ToneRite USA 



    Are you saying it is "safer" to use your product than it is to strum the guitar (do what the guitar was actually built to do)? 😂

    Sorry, thanks but no thanks. I wasn't a fan before, now that just sealed the deal 🙄

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  3. I would never put a K&K on my expensive guitars, or buy a guitar with it unless it is a fantastic deal that I could flip if I wanted and make a buck...I find the CA glue to very intrusive on the bridge plate. If you ever have to remove it is impossible to get the glue out...some people say they can but I respectfully doubt since the glue is sucked into the wood.

    For a bit more money the Amulet system is very similar but instead of CA glue it uses a double tape system.

    I do hear lots of praises for the K&K, sure they are good and inexpensive....but just not for me.

  4. As already said - sound is subjective.  Although they have similar body, they are very different guitars - material and construction so the sound and feel will be different.  IMO the difference is night and day towards the Vintage (which is one I have) - I like the power delivered by the sum of the components listed below:



    1) Much more scalloped #1 brace

    2)  More angle on the X-brace - more open towards the bottom allowing for more bass

    3) VOS

    4) Hide Glue

    5) Baked top


    Notice I did not list Adirondack. I like a Mahogany back and sides guitar with Sitka as much as Adirondack. The preference towards Adi tops is when paired with rosewood.


  5. On 12/24/2018 at 6:30 PM, Dallon426 said:

    If you have an electric sander you can put a towel down on the top of the guitar and turn it on while moving around the guitar. There's a reason old guitars sound great. And I reason why guitars open up. It's from natural aging and from the wood moving. Get that wood moving.


    That is one factor, the other is aging...

  6. Here is a tip if you do get them, remove the glue with alcohol, install the high E then the low E with just the pressure of the ball against the plate, really nice, easy to remove... completely non-intrusive.

    I have installed three so far and will always get them on every guitar from now on.


  7. This morning installed my my Martin D38 '37 AA, and again same experience...IFF I can hear any change is a bit more sustain, but it could be my ears... Really like the idea of this product to protect the structure of the guitar without sacrificing tone.


    Next will be my Gibs 👍

  8. On 11/22/2019 at 6:01 PM, 62burst said:

    An affordable, and reversible-enough experiment. And the comparo can be done quickly with the same set of strings simply by partially detuning the guitar, putting on the capo, and tuning down enough to get the pins out (preferably from inside-out). A good way to get some volume out of a quiet guitar, but you will also hear an increased brassiness to the sound. Check back in if/when you give the PlateMate a try. Maybe an a/b sound clip?


    Received today my plate mates and tried on my Taylor. First time I took pictures of the inside, so please forgive me :).

    I am a newbie, no pretension to know the technical details and intricacies of how the whole guitar system works....so with that out of the way, looking at how the bridge plate looks like now, I can see the wear and the need to eventually get work done. Installation was pain free, the material is very very light and the plate mate is really nice. I have NOT noticed a change of how the guitar sounds at all....maybe I will be able to as I play some more. For now I am very very happy and have one to install on each guitar I have. 



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  9. I prefer unslotted pins, if you do have slotted pins and want to change, you have to slot the bridge....unslotted pins help the ball ends of the string to be easy on the bridge plate and on the pins themselves. I am also going to try the Plate Mate on my other guitar to see how it goes, if I like I will put them on all my guitars.

  10. I truly share your experience. I have found my Holy Grail guitars to be the Hummingbird and the D-28 '37 authentic. I also have a J-45 Vintage 2019, which is just AWESOME, and I had it for sale....but thanks to some members here asking me questions about the guitar, I had to open the case to take some pictures of the label and while I was at it I decided to play for a bit...well, the result is I took out of the market...it is really an amazing guitar and playing it again made me doubt if I really want to sell it... As I said, I found the two guitars that float my boat, and my goal is to keep the two, and add other variations of the same....so I might sell the J-45, but today is not that day 🙂



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  11. 8 minutes ago, j45nick said:

    That is probably the "Authentic Aged" version, which is "pre-worn."

    I've been looking at the "non-preworn" versions, since I prefer to "age" them myself.

    For me, it's a choice between one of the modern Authentics  (which are Madagascar rather than Brazilian), or an early 50's Brazilian D-28. The modern authentic is a fair amount less on the used market compared to a good vintage one, and is a lot less likely to need a neck re-set... 

    The difference between the non-aged and the aged is on the thin finish package - the aged is about 40%-50% thinner than the Authentic not-aged model. 

    The pre-worn (Aged) has its debates, as you are saying, that you can age yourself so why pay an extra $1500 for someone to do it for you, and I sued to think the same way...the truth is on the thinner finish... One of the reasons I absolutely love my Bird and J45 is because of the VOS which adds a lot of mojo to the tones coming out of them.

  12. AA = Authentic Aged. It mean it is an authentic replica of a 1937 D-28, with the aging/relic/wear... but it is actually a brand new guitar... key features of this guitar are:

    - Really really thin finish, thing of VOS on steroids

    - Hot hide glue

    - Red spruce VTS top (translates to the same as baked/torrefied)

    - Madagascar Rosewood back and sides

    - Hand scalloped forwards shifted bracing also baked/torrefied

    - And a lot of hand banging to create the looks of a 1937 guitar.... I actually like the mojo quite a bit.

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