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  1. Thought I'd update since apparently no one here has tried this particular engraved pick guard. I went ahead and ordered one figuring I've wasted more money on a dinner out! Anyway, the pickguard appears to be identical in design/shape/size to the gibson Hummingbird pickguard on my 1998 'Bird except for the fact that it is deeply engraved as opposed to heat-stamped. I have read that back in the beginning, the factory pickquards were engraved as opposed to heat stamped. If that's the case, this pick guard may be be an accurate reproduction of the original but, since I have never seen one, I can't say. In any case, if you want an engraved pick guard that the color will never rub out of to replace a heat-stamped or other type of 'bird pick guard, this one will certainly do the job. If you want the color out, you'd have to dig it out on purpose! ;)
  2. Hi All, I'm new to Hummingbirds - been a Martin user all my life until a few weeks ago. I picked up a 1998 model and now the H-bird has become my gig guitar, replacing my old D28! Due to missing paint, I want to replace the pick guard. I have read all the threads I can find about replacements from Gibson (apparently not available), the cheap e-bay epiphone versions, and repainting the existing pick guards. I thought about that method which looks good on some of the sample pics I have seen. Unfortunately, some of the impressed lines (where the paint lies) on the head-area of the bird itself are worn to the point where there are no indentations in the plastic to hold the paint. Does anyone have any experience with these pick guards: https://fox-guitars.com/catalog/gibson-hummingbird-vintage-celluloid-tortoise-shell-engraved-hand-painted-pickguard The ad sound good but I can't really tell how "accurate" the pick guards are as far as quality/size/fitment. Thanks for any assistance
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