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  1. During the late 70's, some body parts for semi-acoustic Gibsons were made in West Germany by Hoyer. They made solid tops for several hollow en semi hollow Gibsons. The Hoyer company made guitars themselfs and they were of a very goog quality and could compeat with the Gibsons Gretchses etc.
  2. Its a rosewood fretboard. You got confused? Hard horror!
  3. The idea is not new, I believe Gretsch used/tried it a few decades ago.
  4. Yes! An SG that I wanted for a long time. Bought it yesterday and it is a 2011 Gibson SG Classic P 90
  5. Its a crack in de wood alright. The crack is on the spot were the neck has the least wood, right behind the volute. I have seen this kind of cracks a lot of times. Get you 'ss as soon as possible out of your chair and get to a luthier asap.
  6. in 1980 Fender presented the Fender Bullet and the total production cost were 35 dollars. It can be done and Fender proofed it.
  7. hell no. The materials will cost aprox. 30 dollars tops, if you make a simple guitar like a melodymaker or duo-sonic.
  8. Fender made very cheap guitars during te 60's, 70's and 80's, form example the Fender Bronco, Duo-Sonic, Mustang, Bullet etc., and they were not that succesfull and good.
  9. I have 20 guitars 6 and 12 strings, 3 amps and a lot of pedals(lost the count) I have Gibsons, Epiphone's(USA), Rickenbackers, Ovations, and vintage Japaneese guitars etc. And still I want more guitars I recently bought an old 12 string acoustic western from the 70's, just to get the right sound and feel, to play Sandman from the band America. I heard the song during an episode of the serie Cold Case (yes I'm a Kathryn Morris fan ). I'm a bit weird I guess, but hey, I'm from Holland
  10. When hell freezes over and pigs fly.....
  11. This is my Ibanez. Its a 1974 Ibanez 2460 Masterbuilt It is a copy of the Gibson L5, and it is just as good.
  12. When they were new, they were cheap I forgot some by the way, here are the others I have:
  13. Post your cheapo Fender like the Bronco, Duo-Sonic, Musicmaster, Mustang and Lead (NO!! Strats, Tele etc.) here are mine: 1963 Duo-Sonic 1979 Lead II (first run!!) 2003 Mustang Re-issue, made in Japan 1966 Duo-Sonic II 1973 Mustang
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