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  1. I'm an M3 fan to, I always call it "My litle Fender Killer

  2. WTF!!! An M3 fan??? Geert I have an M3 Deluxe and it is awesome!!!

    Great to meet you


  3. Norlin Gibsons are not really bad. The Norlin era is more known for its designing faults, like oversized SG's, the Marauder, RD, S1 etc. I personally like the Norlin Gibby's, I own a 1978 RD, 1978 Marauder and a 1971 SG 200. The quality of these guitars is good, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. The SG's from the Norlin era where pretty different than before and after Norlin, the body's were a little bigger, horns were shapet different and of course the control-plates on some SG models. The LP's had pancake body's (2 parts mahony glued on top of each other and the maple top glued on top) In the norlin era, a lot of necks were made of 3 parts of wood, instead of 1 part (this was for the lower production costst)but it did'nt make the neck less strong. A lot of Gibsons form the Norlin era are very good and they are reliable, and were built to last for a very long time. Dont't be afraid to buy one, it won't let you down. I would never sell my Marauder and i built a pre-amp booster in it and it has one of the best lead sound in the world, and the Marauder is just as alround as a Telecaster, but better, so if you want to buy a Fender Telecaster, first try a Marauder, its so much better and cheaper to get your hands on. Here are my Gibsons (the double neck is not a Gibson, but a very goed 1977 Custom by Matsumoku, made in Japan)
  4. so im not sure how to start a convo on this thing. lol so where did you get the Gibson Angus Maestro Lyri

  5. George Kooymans from the Golden Earring: in this 1970 video you can see his old brown SG Special, the vibrola has been removed. don't forget the Golden Earring was one off the founders off Hard Rock....
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