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  1. Probably an old topic here, but I'll ask! Just got an LP Special 1 acouple of days ago. Great price, looked like a fun guitar, and I'm a sucker for P90's. Did a dogear conversion on an Epi Junior, which turned out well, but decided I needed a neck pickup. Anyway, figured the special would at the least be a good mod platform, but I like the P90R & T pickups way better than I expected! Nice and bluesy with my setup, which is what I wanted. Can't find any consensus online as to whether they use alnico or ceramic magnets. Seen folks absolutely swear to both. Doesn't change how I like them, but does anybody around here have a definitive answer?
  2. HI! Yeah, I got an email about being friended,too. Not sure how, but like you say, never enough friends! Glad to meetcha.
  3. Thanks for all the valuable info! Got it in, new bridge and tuners first off. New pots and capacitor, and a dog-ear P90 on the way. Hopefully by this time next week it'll be what I wanted going in! Appreciate the help.
  4. Oh yeah, yours really look great! Not sure if or when I might do anything to the finish. Might look for some way to de-gloss it a bit, cause I'm trying to get a retro, vintage effect. Not all the way to full blown reliced however! I've had "Reliced" instruments, but prefer to do that the old-fashioned way. Just play the dog out of them for years, in every condition imaginable! I appreciate the feedback from everybody.
  5. Thanks! Good info to have. Didn't expect 1 piece mahogany in this price range! Just looking forward to a fun project. (When you're retired, you have to find things to keep your mind working.)
  6. Well it's here! Picked it up this morning, replaced the bridge and tuners with some I had on hand. Neck is in great shape, no sprout,frets in good shape. Seller said he'd only tried playing for about 20 min, gave up and put it away. Believable, it still had the original strings on it. A lot lighter than I expected. I looked at one ('04 I believe) in a pawn shop the other day, and it weighed considerably more. The pickup and control cavities were shield painted black, so I can't tell anything about the wood. Plugged it in, and everything works. Pots are clean, and boy! the pickup is pretty hot (to me, anyway). Anyway, gonna play it as-is for a few weeks before I do pickup and electronics. Should be fun!
  7. Thank You! Actually got really lucky. The one I want was almost a 2 hr road trip away in the mountains. Found out today the seller is going to be in MY hometown on Saturday, going to bring it with him!
  8. Nice! If the wood on mine is like that, may have to consider a similar re-finish down the road. Course, won't know til it's stripped. I really like that!
  9. Ooops! Don't know how I managed to double post! Can't find a delete button. If mods would, please get rid of one, help me look a bit less like a total idiot!
  10. Thank you! Just the kind of info I was hoping to find. In the Serial number pages I found, 13 just showed as ???.
  11. Thanks! Should I have said "Laminate"? I know the Epi website lists them as Mahogany, just not sure how that's possible for the price!
  12. Glad to be here! Been playing all my life (mainly bass) with a 20 yr lay-off in the middle (Yeah I'm an old fart) for kids and general life stuff. About 6 yrs ago, started getting the itch again, and bought myself a mandolin and learned to play it. From that to an acoustic, now into electrics, and back to my first love, the blues. Recently developed a bad jones for a Jr with a P-90. Picking up an Epi Jr this weekend to use as a modding base, which I really enjoy doing. Figured I'd better find a place where I can get some help, advice, and hopefully encouragement. So here I am!
  13. Greetings! In the process of buying An LP Jr, plan on using it as a modding platform (after I just play it for a while.) Always been a big fan of "Simple". 1 pickup, 2 knobs, doesn't get much simpler! Anyway, I'm picking it up on Saturday. Sunburst, appears to be very clean from the CL pics (I know, never assume anything from a CL post). The serial number is 11031317296. From what I've been able to determine, its a 2011 model, March assembly, and from an unknown Chinese factory. The last part is what has me curious, if anybody has any experience with these. From this factory, what kind of wood can I expect (I'm assuming plywood, but not a deal breaker) Also, any quirks or specific things to look for about these? Any input and help is greatly appreciated in advance!
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