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  1. Oh man, can you imagine if they are a pair of late 50's PAF pickups??? David, dont be overtrusting with that instrument, I would hate for dishonest person to swap pickups on you if they happen to be valuable... If you let on you don't know anything about the guitar and that is was your late uncle's... they may be tempted to take advantage of you. The pickups alone could be worth 5K.
  2. New trailer for IT Chapter 2 looks good.
  3. Gibson just dropped a bunch of Agnesi vids on their youtube channel. All of them combined have like 40k views in about 12hrs. Their vids from weeks prior have only a few thousand at best. Mark is star, he has a presence that appeals to the target market. I'm sure Gibson is smart and will start airing a weekly show he can host. The production quality would be top notch.
  4. Waiting for OP to show up and stir the hornets nest again
  5. Always get hosed trading in. I would have been hard pressed to trade that LP! It is beautiful
  6. I got it back today, it was the nut. All signs pointed to the nut but my ears just couldn’t hear it. The luthier did a great job. If you are near Newnan Ga I recommend Brown’s Guitar Mill for guitar work.
  7. I should know by today or tomorrow. I hate leaving my guitars with someone. They are like one of my children.
  8. I was humming these tunes on my lunch break just the other day. NOT!
  9. Just dropped it and my ES-335 off with the luthier to have them worked on. I miss them already
  10. Thanks guys, I’m very proud of this collection. It brings me much joy and inspires me to play daily.
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