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  1. That is me who is thankful to you for your inspirational lyrics! If the words were not so strong - the song wouldn't be so good. I was in Romania - in the town of Calafat. And I played this song before the audience on stage. But this record I posted here I made in the garden of the house of my luthier in the village of Sheynovo saturday evening. The luthier (Galin Penev) organised a concert in his house and I was one of the guest-musicians. M-R GIBS is in a WONDERFUL STATE and plays like a cannon. The problem with him is that in the appartement where I live during the winter the air is dr
  2. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] The Ballad of Tommie Lee Late at night on a two lane road out of nowheresville The headlights cuttin' the dark like a knife as we topped the hill There in the dirt with a hole in his shirt lay our best friend Bill Slammin' the brakes made the tires scream and we saw him run A shadowy man runnin' fast over land escapin' what he'd done Tommie Lee reached under the seat and wrapped his hand around a gun Blood on his shirt and that look on his face.....t'was a fatal attack Breathing his last he said "tell her I love her" and his eyes rolled back Tommi
  3. Dear Buc, I could listen your song today. This is a fantastic one! From all of your songs this is for me the most complete work. I am a little bit late, but Happy Birth Day from me! I wish you to be in good health and to make more songs. I wish you also to be as happy as I am right now: I am in Calafat - Romania on a festival of folk music and we - M-R GIBS, THE GALE & me play and sing day and night! Krasi
  4. Wily, matter of fact I like this guitar, for me this is not an ugly one. This is interesting and I'd love to have one if it plays well
  5. I am a physician. Specialist in internal medicine. Worked as a GP and in an emergency ward long ago. Then was a physician in a military hospital and a cheef of the medical service of a unit in the Bulgarian Army with a rank of captain. Left the army in 2003. Since 2006 I am a medical representative for a french homeopathy drugs company - Boiron. Till now. The last job gave me the money to buy M-R GIBS, THE GALE and other musical gear and the freedom of the soul to be able to play&sing&compose songs. My boss is my fan.
  6. Good? No. I just do it somehow... 36 years of playing and singing. Lately I am getting better with a Gibson SJ 200. And I want to get even better. And I wish to be so good enough some day to be able to make a 3-chord song...
  7. Something similar happen to me few days ago: I was out of internet space for my holiday at the seaside (where I bring only my Yamaha sapele laminate) And getting back home I find someone who had written on my facebook wall things that I dont accept... What to do. What???????????? In those situations I know one thing - I have to stand my own ground. If a woman - jazz - singer knows the chord sequences of the song I play I'd suggest her to play it for me with the right chord sequence (but not before everyone - just for me - so I'll be able to know her right chord sequences). .............
  8. Sorry Larry... I can't give you any advise, for I have never had that feeling. I have always dreamed of playing and singing my songs before a full football stadium. I even think that the dreams of my M-R GIBS are bigger than mine!
  9. The more you record yourself - the more you will experience the way of controlling your voice to the power of the guitar sound. This is a very good first video record, I'd say excellent. My first video records were not long ago and now I am more habituated to the camera before me. I still try to "shake off me" the hard way I strum before the camera... That's because I am nervous. I have a friend - a great guitar player and musician who once told me: "... so you feel nervous before the camera? The only way to get rid of this feeling is to record yourself! I was nervous and scared like you bu
  10. Welcome in youtube, Albert ;-) You do it very good - is it really the first time you videorecord yourself? I am waiting for the next ones! I like your voice and it is very tender and I'd say fine. This SWD is a great guitar - hope to have some day one... Krasi
  11. Michael Tis is a great song. May be I like this song the best of yours. Great job you did there! By the way "The ballad of Tommy Lee" is ready and I wayt for my M-R GIBS to record it.
  12. BigKahune, I Loooooove your collection! Great !!!!!!!
  13. Hi Juan, Congratulations for the H-bird! lately I catch myself dreaming about having a H-bird at home... A black one! G A S is what we call that desire here in that forum. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) Please - post some pictures of your new Gibson guitar - usually we do it here. Why don't you put some 12-54 strings?
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