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  1. That is me who is thankful to you for your inspirational lyrics! If the words were not so strong - the song wouldn't be so good. I was in Romania - in the town of Calafat. And I played this song before the audience on stage. But this record I posted here I made in the garden of the house of my luthier in the village of Sheynovo saturday evening. The luthier (Galin Penev) organised a concert in his house and I was one of the guest-musicians. M-R GIBS is in a WONDERFUL STATE and plays like a cannon. The problem with him is that in the appartement where I live during the winter the air is drier than M-R GIBS can stand and the "materials moove" like the luthier says... And there are buzzes here and there... I hope strong that the problem is solved already. So - now I think that it is time for another song? Send some wonderful lyrics again if you like ;-) Krasi
  2. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] The Ballad of Tommie Lee Late at night on a two lane road out of nowheresville The headlights cuttin' the dark like a knife as we topped the hill There in the dirt with a hole in his shirt lay our best friend Bill Slammin' the brakes made the tires scream and we saw him run A shadowy man runnin' fast over land escapin' what he'd done Tommie Lee reached under the seat and wrapped his hand around a gun Blood on his shirt and that look on his face.....t'was a fatal attack Breathing his last he said "tell her I love her" and his eyes rolled back Tommie's eyes got as dark as the sky and vanished into the black Out in the dark there were boots runnin' rocks and muffled shouts Deep dark boomin' and flashes of light as the shots rang out Again and again and when the silence crept in it didn't leave no doubt Stumblin' out on the edge of the road in the glare of the lights Tumblin' into the driver's seat and he wound it up tight Smokin' the tires with the headers on fire Tommie vanished into the night Break of dawn on a two lane road through the desert sand "That '37 Chevy was a burned out hulk" said the police man It's a mystery to me you know we never did see Tommie Lee again Yeah a mystery to me, we never did see Tommie Lee again Bye bye, bye bye Bye bye, bye bye copyright 2005 MBBowen
  3. Dear Buc, I could listen your song today. This is a fantastic one! From all of your songs this is for me the most complete work. I am a little bit late, but Happy Birth Day from me! I wish you to be in good health and to make more songs. I wish you also to be as happy as I am right now: I am in Calafat - Romania on a festival of folk music and we - M-R GIBS, THE GALE & me play and sing day and night! Krasi
  4. Wily, matter of fact I like this guitar, for me this is not an ugly one. This is interesting and I'd love to have one if it plays well
  5. I am a physician. Specialist in internal medicine. Worked as a GP and in an emergency ward long ago. Then was a physician in a military hospital and a cheef of the medical service of a unit in the Bulgarian Army with a rank of captain. Left the army in 2003. Since 2006 I am a medical representative for a french homeopathy drugs company - Boiron. Till now. The last job gave me the money to buy M-R GIBS, THE GALE and other musical gear and the freedom of the soul to be able to play&sing&compose songs. My boss is my fan.
  6. Good? No. I just do it somehow... 36 years of playing and singing. Lately I am getting better with a Gibson SJ 200. And I want to get even better. And I wish to be so good enough some day to be able to make a 3-chord song...
  7. Something similar happen to me few days ago: I was out of internet space for my holiday at the seaside (where I bring only my Yamaha sapele laminate) And getting back home I find someone who had written on my facebook wall things that I dont accept... What to do. What???????????? In those situations I know one thing - I have to stand my own ground. If a woman - jazz - singer knows the chord sequences of the song I play I'd suggest her to play it for me with the right chord sequence (but not before everyone - just for me - so I'll be able to know her right chord sequences). ...................................................................... The basic truth for me here is that: There are a lot of people around me. Some of them like me. They are my fans. The other half don't like me - one part of them will never like my performances and so they are out. The other half may be some day will hear me - I SING EVERY TIME TO LET THEM HEAR.
  8. Sorry Larry... I can't give you any advise, for I have never had that feeling. I have always dreamed of playing and singing my songs before a full football stadium. I even think that the dreams of my M-R GIBS are bigger than mine!
  9. The more you record yourself - the more you will experience the way of controlling your voice to the power of the guitar sound. This is a very good first video record, I'd say excellent. My first video records were not long ago and now I am more habituated to the camera before me. I still try to "shake off me" the hard way I strum before the camera... That's because I am nervous. I have a friend - a great guitar player and musician who once told me: "... so you feel nervous before the camera? The only way to get rid of this feeling is to record yourself! I was nervous and scared like you but I started to record me every day several times and now I am fine with the cam!" So if we admit the nervousness before the camera like a type of sickness - the cure is obviously lots of videorecords Albert - start to cure yourself (like I do) - we'll see the results :D/
  10. Welcome in youtube, Albert ;-) You do it very good - is it really the first time you videorecord yourself? I am waiting for the next ones! I like your voice and it is very tender and I'd say fine. This SWD is a great guitar - hope to have some day one... Krasi
  11. Michael Tis is a great song. May be I like this song the best of yours. Great job you did there! By the way "The ballad of Tommy Lee" is ready and I wayt for my M-R GIBS to record it.
  12. BigKahune, I Loooooove your collection! Great !!!!!!!
  13. Hi Juan, Congratulations for the H-bird! lately I catch myself dreaming about having a H-bird at home... A black one! G A S is what we call that desire here in that forum. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) Please - post some pictures of your new Gibson guitar - usually we do it here. Why don't you put some 12-54 strings?
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